Friday, January 17, 2020

The Death and Birth of Rocky Johnson synced to Vince and Shane McMahon-Royal Rumble-Earthquake-Houston-Oil-Iran-Canada

There's a big riddle here with Houston. Notice how Rocky Johnson was born the same day as Vince McMahon..which was also the same day that Andrew Luck announced his retirement that was important to Houston. We recently had the Houston Astros in the media for stealing signs, and the firings...
Notice the upcoming Royal Rumble is in Houston as well. 

Remember how Summer Slam was important to the Toronto Raptors winning the NBA Finals too...The beat the San Francisco bay team...

Also think about the 49ers....I've been saying for years that the Rock and Ronda Rousey are important to San Francisco and Earthquake symbolism with WM 31....Royal RUMBLE..
Remember how 8/24 Gregorian is 8/11 Julian...and 8/11 was important to San Francisco. 

Notice too that he died on Shane McMahon's birthday. 
So he shares a bday with Vince and dies on Shane's bday? 
Remember Shane McMahon's helicopter crash was important to the Helicopter Crash of Leicester City owner....his crash was just before the CROWN Jewel in Saudi Arabia....earlier in the year Saudi Arabia held the Greatest Royal Rumble.....Jamal Khasgoggi died in October then George Bush all synced up to oil/Houston...

Think about the Iran stuff going on currently....The Earthquakes that happened the same day the plane got shot down...

Wayde Bowles=44, 55, 163
Earthquake=44, 55, 163
He was born in 1944. 

Think about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle rumbling up the Royal family recently too. Jamal Khashoggi a cousin to Dodi Fayed who died with Princess Diana....
Meghan's in Canada right now....Summer Slam....Justin Trudeau did Brown Face to Arabian Nights(Oil)...
The Keystone Pipeline goes from Canada to Houston...
Rocky Johnson is Canadian...
The Ukraine plane had a bunch of Canadians on it...
He dies on the 15th day of the year...

The Rock got married 150 days before his dad died...
Super Bowl LIV=150
Green Bay Packers=150
Rocky's death also comes a span of 109 days before his Dwayne Johnson's bday...Remember he got married 109 days after his bday. 
The Rock=109

Rocky Johnson's tag team partner has some interesting things too. Notice he was born in Roanoke, Virginia...This is where the Bridgewater shooting happened and when I originally pointed out the connections of Roddy Piper to Ronda Rousey....
His bday of 4/23 is the same as John Cena's..

Wayde Douglas Bowles=423(FB)
Notice he died 4 months 23 days after his bday too. 

423 was also important to Prince Philip...who also wrecked a car in connection to the Anthoine Hubert death that was important to OIL. 


  1. D.O.B.
    Ed Orgeron 7/27
    Ryan Tannehill 7/27
    Triple H 7/27

  2. The rock flies a helicopter in san andreas

  3. Ironically, I was thinking about this while pumping gas
    In regards to oil theme,
    Do you think that this foreshadows the IPCC Agenda and paving the way for noahide laws?

  4. he got married 15 days after he retired from wrestling