Thursday, January 23, 2020

Zion Williamson scores 22 points on 8/11 shooting in NBA Debut

Zion Williamson makes his debut tonight scoring 22 points against the Spurs on the 22nd day of the year. 
San Antonio=122
Notice he came out of the game in the 4th quarter and replaced by 22 year old Brandon Ingram who also scored 22 points. 

It's amazing he came back against the Spurs as well considering they were the team he got injured against in the preaseason. 
Notice Williamson also scored 22 points in the game he was injured in? Also notice how he was 8/11 shooting on the game tonight and the game on 10/13. 

Think about the connections to 8/11 and Tisha B'av in regards to Zion Williamson too. 
The 22nd prime number is 79.
Zion Williamson=79
New Orleans Pelicans=79
Brandon Ingram was traded with Anthony Davis to the Lakers that was announced 79 days before Ingram's bday. 
The Trade didn't actually go through until Zion Williamson's bday..
Interesting too he was injured 64 days(end date) after 8/11. 
The Pelicans won the lottery on 5/14(Israel's independence)
It was 64 days after Anthony Davis' bday on 3/11. 
64th prime is 311
Anthony Davis=64
David Stern=64

Think about 8/11 too being 8/24 Gregorian...
8/11 important to San Francisco....the Messiah returns through the Golden Gate...The 49ers now in the Super Bowl and they played the Chiefs on 8/24...Jimmy G injured on 9/23....Pope Francis and San Francisco named after Francis of Assisi...Kneeling important to 9/23/Trump/Flag Day/Kaepernick/49ers

New Orleans important to France...8/10(night of Tisha B'Av)

Today is also 3 months 9 days after Zion was injured..
Remember his shoe blowout that was connected to Like Mike that was all about 39....
Think how Eminem just released a new album the same day Mac Miller's posthumous album came out....Nike backing Kaepernick the same day Roseanne said she was moving to Israel....
Nike even released a Kaepernick Icon jersey the same day Zion Williamson's shoe blew out....
Nike important to Saturn important to Israel....
In regards to 22.....think about the Ariana Grande Manchester Arena bombing....
A 22 year old of Libyan descent bombs and kills 22 people in  the 22nd hour of the day on the 22nd of May. 
Ariana Grande Butera=79
Twenty Two=39

Think about the Super Bowl held on 2/2...2020 as well. 

Thinking about the Batman/Joker stuff in regards to the Houston's interesting that David Stern died on the 4th day of the 10th month on the Jewish calendar...just as Joker came out on the 4th day of the 10th month on the Gregorian calendar. 
Adam Silver=104

The Big story we got on 8/11 was in regards to Hong Kong and China...which is related to the Batman/Joker/Rockets stuff...

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