Saturday, January 11, 2020

Ethan Suplee's incredible body transformation-Remember the Titans-Andrew Luck Retirement

An interesting choice of a film to say this guy was in...Remember the Titans actor? This is one of the last films I think of when seeing this guy....
Mall Rats
The Butterfly Effect
American History X

It's also interesting as just the other day I saw a post on Facebook about about the Omaha Rap Battle stuff my friend used to do. I was on my way to Omaha and listened to it to kill time and one of the punch lines was that the guy looked like Ashton Kutchers friend on the Butterfly Effect....which of course is Ethan Suplee...

Notice that he is 43 years old...
Ethan Suplee=54
Tennessee Titans=54

This story came 231 days(end date) after his 43rd bday...The game today is 231(No end date) after his bday...
Baltimore Ravens=231
National Anthem=231

What sucks is that I have honestly never watched the whole film of Remember the Titans. I feel like I might be the only person I know lol. 
Denzel Washington portrayed as Malcolm X...who was important during Super 50...Black Panthers lose...then Kaepernick kneels later that year...

Remember Andrew Luck retired at the beginning of the season and it was connected to Houston...
The Chiefs were once the Dallas they are playing the Houston Texans...the Ravens playing the Titans who used to be the Houston Oilers...The Colts(Andrew Luck) used to be from Baltimore...the Ravens created because of the Browns who became a team again in 1999... the same year the Oilers became the Titans... There's an interesting narrative here....

Seems to be important to Houston and Baltimore? 
Luck Known for upsetting the Chiefs in the playoffs...

Oliver Luck the Houston Oiler who got replaced by Warren Moon....who played for the Vikings, Chiefs, Seahawks...all teams left in the playoffs. 

The Titans were in the Super Bowl 20 years ago as well. 

I think it's funny in regards to the Butterfly Effect as well...He uses his notebooks for Hindsight in order to time travel...he blacks out....SB 47..


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  2. If Titans play Chiefs in AFC Championship it will be their 54th meeting

  3. Impeachment, Pocahontas, Wounded Knee Massacre (Cowboys beat Redskins) , Trail of Tears, Andrew Jackson, Trump

    Bud Adams was Member of Cherokee Nation
    Bud Adams and Lamar Hunt started AFL
    Oilers = Titans / Texans = Chiefs