Saturday, January 11, 2020

Titans beat Ravens on 1/11-Pope Francis-Oil-2020 and some other thoughts-Ralph-Cheers-1012

I just want to add to my previous post something I didn't really think about....Hindsight is 2020....REMEMBER the Titans...Hindsight is remembering. 

It's also interesting that today is 1/11. The 11th day of the year. 
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=111
Today is 25 days after his birthday. 
Pope=25 and 11

Today is 38 days after Pope Francis got the Lamar Jackson jersey. 

I'm also interested that the date was 12/4...which is Jeff Bridges bday and the big number with Fat Comedians...I documented earlier about a comment on my Ralphie May video...

The Titans just beat the Ravens with a total score of 40...

South Park Hindsight was all about the BP Oil Spill...
Herman Boone the coach of Remember the Titans dies...reminds me of T. Boone Pickens dying earlier this year..
I'm interested to see what happens with the Chiefs game tomorrow...
There's a lot of funny narratives that could play out such as the Chiefs vs the 49ers in the Super Bowl....The QB controversy stuff...Alex Smith/Kaepernick....Montana/Young...

The Packers the original team that Kaepernick took a knee my crazy syncs from last March...

Larry Johnson and Chiefs important to Charles Manson..Beach Boys...2020...

We be funny if they play each other as well. 
The Texans were founded 20 years ago..the same season the Titans changed their name from the Oilers to the Titans. 
The Ravens first season was the final season the Oilers were in Houston as well. (1996)

The game tomorrow is on 1/12. 
Super Bowl=112

In the beginning of the Season I was really looking at the Chiefs and Packers...The Andrew Luck stuff was important to 2016 before my Uncle Barney died...I talked about the first and the last with the Chiefs and Packers...that narrative had a lot to do with the number 1012....It only stands out because the Vikings just lost with 10 points and the Ravens lost with 12 also had a lot to do with Miami where the Super Bowl is held this year..Also Ralph was important as Ralph Kramden is who Fred Flintstone is based off of. 

My sync with the Packers at Cheers was 10 months 12 days(end date) before SB 54 as well. 

The sync was with Clay Matthews and it was 54 days(end date) before his bday...
Clay Matthews=150
Green Bay Packers=150
Dow City Iowa=150
I DJed the 150th anniversary of the town..
Super Bowl LIV=150

Wouldn't that be something? 

The guy who owns Cheers has name gematria of 310, but I see also 112 too. 

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