Monday, January 13, 2020

Synchronicity with the Simpsons-Have a Good One-Left Behind-Old Priest/Angel info

Earlier when I got off work my girlfriend asked me how work was. I told her oh you know, it's just amazing listening to conversations all day and having to pretend I'm retarded to get through it...I'm constantly talking about this as anyone reading this blog can identify I would assume. I'm so tired of how dumbed down society really is, and having to watch it without educating...I do mention things to some people, but the majority of my day I have to keep my mouth shut to avoid conflict.....Anyway I went on to tell my girlfriend how I want to just make a shirt that says, "Have a Good One" on it, so I don't have to say it, or something similar all day long. I then was telling her how it's funny I say that all day, because people don't exactly know what a "One" is, and I could just mean to have a good butt fuck. 

So now I'm sitting here on the computer and she is watching The Simpsons on her phone next to me. I stopped for a second and I heard Ned Flanders say "Have a good one" and then explain it in the same fashion that I mentioned above. 
It was the episode called "Left Behind"..
Left Behind=50
Have a Good One=50
Dan Behrendt=50

I originally looked up the episode "Gone Boy" as I thought Jasmine told me it was season 29 episode 9, but as I was listening...I asked her again...because it didn't seem to make sense.
I noticed this episode came out on 12/10...or 10/12...

I started thinking the real episode had to be connected to Kirk Cameron and Left Behind the film...
I see his bday is 10/12 too. 
He's 49...
Left Behind=49
The Simpsons=49
Remember season 10 episode 12 of the Simpsons was important to when my uncle died..

Also interesting the book Left Behind mentions the NWO. I just wrote about the NWO last night. 

I also see that Kirk Cameron was in a film called "Like Father Like Son"...which reminds me of my song about child molesting priests that YouTube messed with once upon a time. Remember they took the picture from that video and put it on my Cleveland Indians video 624 days after I put the music video on Youtube. 

I'm only mentioning this, because I wondered if the Kansas City Chiefs were ever on the Simpsons and it says they were mentioned in the episode, "Bart of War". 

I had synchronicity with the episode around the same time I had synchronicity with Catholic priests in 2017....This whole post had a lot to do with Angels and the Angel Michael too. 
This episode also has a native american theme....Chiefs...

I'll have to check out the other teams left in regards to the Simpsons as well....The Packers are mentioned in a bunch of them and the Titans are mentioned in a few as well...

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  1. Just read the plot they sing Oh Canada at the end of the episode, I wonder why?