Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Pat Shurmur fired by Giants with 9-23 record-The 2015 Narrative/Chiefs/Eagles-Pope Francis

More of the Chiefs/Eagles narrative I've mentioned since 2015...I see a few narratives in regards to the Super Bowl this year...Before the season began I was mentioning how a lot seemed to be connected to Super Bowl 50 in which I thought the Chiefs would win..but in connection to the Eagles. Pat Shurmur became the Eagles Interim head coach that year just before Super Bowl 50 as they fired Chip Kelly....Kelly became the Eagles coach because current Chiefs coach Andy Reid was fired....then the Eagles ended up hiring Doug Pederson from the Kansas City Chiefs....It was also important to Nebraska playing UCLA in San Francisco at the Foster Farms bowl..where SB 50 was also held....Chip Kelly then went on to coach the 49ers and then UCLA and so on...so much more I could retype..Teen Wolf...yada yada yada..The Rams were important to that narrative as well and it's why Teddy Bridgewater and Taysom Hill both play for the Saints.. The last 2 seasons the Eagles and the Rams were in the SB. 

So now Pat Shurmur is fired after the Giants lose to the Eagles...He's fired on Eagles QB Carson Wentz bday with a record of 9-23...Keep in mind this is also LeBron James bday....LeBron has the connection to 9/23 and called Trump a Bum on 9/23..the same day Trump called out the Kneeling in the NFL.....9/23 is also Ravens coach John Harbaugh's bday..the guy who met the Pope earlier this month....In 2015 on 9/23 Pope Francis visited the White House at 9:23am and arrived on his 923rd day as Pope...His visit was in connection to Royals winning the World Series, which is part of the reason I thought the Chiefs might win the Super Bowl as well. The Pope's visit was really important to Philadelphia as well....
I mentioned a lot about Batman in regards to SB 50 as well and the Ravens are important to Batman/Pope/Charles Manson/War of 1812...I'm trying to figure out where it all comes together..it seems to me the Ravens are the most important piece...I wonder what role the Pope played during the War of 1812? 

Interesting it was the 251st Pope during the War of 1812...
54th prime number is 251

I just wonder how this narrative is going to play out...France is important this year and also important the War of 1812....Pope FRANCIS
Pope Francis=227(FB)
The Two Popes film came out on 8/31...Dale Jr..Anthoine Hubert..France day...Blackout Bowl...Paris the City of Lights...Aurora the City of Lights...

A few other thoughts in regards to the playoffs....
The Titans used to be the Oilers...TT...20 20...


  1. Remember the Titans
    As I posted on Zach's blog couple months back
    Release date 9/23/2000

  2. Interesting 2000 SB
    Rams vs Titans
    Fisher coached Oilers/Titans/Rams
    Vermeil coached Rams/Eagles/Chiefs

  3. https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/nfl/titans/2017/09/23/titans-owner-statementdonald-trump-amy-adams-strunk-colin-kaepernick-national-anthem/693531001/

  4. Vermeil (gold/silver)
    Golden Gate / Silver Gate

  5. Vatican Flag
    Gold Key / Silver Key

  6. 9/5 Louis XIV bday
    Fleur de lis
    LaFleur Green Bay wins opening game
    New Orleans Saints (fleur de lis)
    San Francisco named after Saint Francis of Assisi
    Red shoes in NFL 100 yrs commercial
    Papal red shoes
    Baltimore War of 1812
    Star Spangled Banner originated

  7. Tennessee Titans = 54 reduced.
    I'm also digging their 1080 extended gematria. Radius of the Moon in miles. I can't believe they're in the playoffs. Would be so sweet if they sunk the Patriots.

    1. NE vs Ten
      Last game 11/11/18
      Ten win (34-10)
      11/11/18 to 1/4/20 = 419 days
      419 also big with NO Saints

      6/14/19 to 1/4/20 = 205 days(+1)
      1/4/20 to 6/14/20 = 162 days

      7/27/19 to 1/4/20 = 162 days(+1)
      1/4/20 to 7/27/20 = 205 days

      Tennessee upsets New England

  8. War of 1812 has 54 date numerology

  9. Look into the ship "little belt" a ship involved in a fight that was part of what lead to war of 1812. 9 dead and 23 injured