Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Kyle Kuzma Kings Trade Rumor-Nikola Jokic scores 47-The Joker-Jack Nicholson

Kyle Kuzma in trade talks about possibly going to the KINGS? It will be hilarious if he goes there, but we will see...
Luke Walton...Kings
DeMarcus Cousins..Kings..Rockets
Isaiah Thomas...Kings...Rockets

Bogdan Bogdanovic=135, 81
Kobe Bean Bryant=135, 81

Also funny tonight we got Nikola Jokic scoring a career high 47 points...
Nikola Jokic=47
I didn't realize the Nuggets had a player with the last name JOKIC...reminds me of the Joker narrative that was connected to Colorado/South Park..

Joker came out 42 days after Kobe Bryant's bday..
LeBron James=42

I swear there has to be something I am missing with Jack Nicholson...Huge Lakers Fan...He's the Joker....he was friends with Roman Polanski....
John Joseph Nicholson=86
Aurora Colorado=86
James Eagan Holmes=86


  1. https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/j/jokicni01.html

  2. Nicholson-Polansky-Manson
    Polansky was arrested at Nicholson's house. Not sure if it was his house in Colorado!?

  3. VI-KING. Roman Numeral of Super Bowl 54...LIV, VI-L.......

  4. I like that! ...Vikings & Ravens for a Norse mythology match up.
    The Vikings last played the Ravens on 22.10.2017 …..to 2.2.2020 is 119 weeks exactly, ….. and their all-time win-loss record between them is 3-3. (SBLIV to be played on the 33rd day of the year with 333 days remaining)
    Also, I see the Raven attacked the Dove at the Vatican on 27.1.2014.
    From 27.1.2014 to 2.2.2020 is 6 years 6 days …like 66 …….. or 314 weeks exactly (incl.)
    Both QB’s wear the #8. ……88 …and both teams wear purple = 88

    1. January eleventh = 205
      Kirk Daniel Cousins = 205/220
      Cousin's Bday 8/19/19 to 1/11/20
      20 weeks 5 days

      Zimmer's Bday 6/5/19 to 1/11/20
      220 days

      6/5/19 to 1/11/20 221 days(+1)
      1/11/20 to 6/5/20 146 days

      8/19/19 to 1/11/20 146 days(+1)
      1/11/20 to 8/19/20 221 days