Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Initiation Into Hermetics Book that Amazon said I bought-Comment on Darren Daulton Video-Batman

At work today I figured I would try and read some of that book that I didn't buy when I got a chance. I downloaded the Kindle app and I noticed a funny thing. The only other book that I have ever bought on Amazon for a Kindle is the Darren Daulton Book, "If They Only Knew". 
The other book that is on here called "Identity" is another book that I didn't buy, but Amazon said I did. I documented about this at the time I bought the Darren Daulton book...
Anyway the reason it sticks out to me so much is that yesterday before this book was somehow bought, I got a comment on my video about Darren Daulton from 2017. 
Post about DD and the book Identity

Even funnier is that right after I noticed this connection a kid named Dalton came in the store and paid $10 in gas on pump 3....310. 
dave harman=57
Darren Daulton=57

Think of the recent 86 stuff I documented about too in regards to Batman...Darren Daulton died on 8/6...
The year after DD died on 8/6/18 was a major day with all of the interrelated themes...pink/drowning/father and more...
I only mention this because his initial are D.A.D. In 2017 when I was talking about Father symbolism in regards to the Jesuits it had a lot to do with the number 63...my dad will be 63 in 2020...who knows just makes me wonder, because I wrote a lot about the Jesuits being synced up witht the royal family and freemasonry in the book the other night. 
 I also documented not too long ago about Mollie Tibbetts boyfriend being named Dalton and a kid that she went to high school with named Dalton was recently in the news for drowning in Florida. 
The number important to Batman as well. 
Think how the Batman stuff is synced up to China....Chyna the Wrestler also has a book titled, "If They Only Knew". 

All of this happened 118 days after 8/6. 
Darren Arthur Dalton=118

While writing this up earlier Jasmine's mom came home and I started telling her about this. I came downstairs last night and told her and Jasmine how Amazon ordered the book, yet I didn't.....As I was telling her about a she bunch of stuff I mentioned Sirius the Dog Star, and Claire said, "Are you kidding me? We just learned about Sirius at school today". She then told me a small amount of how they learned it was a star and something about the Big Dipper. Claire doesn't understand it, but she is always noticing synchronicity things and tells me about it. 

I'm also going to pay attention to the Twins in the upcoming season. DD was important to the Astros, but also had a ton of Twins connections in 2017...
I even said in my video about DD that me talking about this will probably be important sometime in the future that I don't understand right now. 


  1. premise of the show was based on the adjustment and culture shock that twins Brandon and Brenda Walsh experienced when they and their parents, moved from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Beverly Hills.. poor ratings during its first season, the series gained popularity during the summer of 1991, when Fox aired a special "summer season" of the show while most other series were in reruns. Viewership increased dramatically, and 90210 became one of Fox's top shows when it returned that fall... So the shows "summer season" ran with the baseball season. The twins won the world series, & the Lakers originally from Minneapolis, but now from LA(BEVERLY HILLS) lost the NBA finals.

  2. Summer of 91 oprah also had the "white twins" on her show, they had been kidnapped as children by " the georgia tann gang." Twins played the Atlanta Braves in the world series.

    Dont forget the death of Luke Perry.