Thursday, December 12, 2019

Michael Vick's Dog Fighting and Lamar Jackson beating his single season record-Charles Manson Blackbird

I was sitting here holding Alistair and figured I'd turn on the football game. I saw that Lamar Jackson beat Michael Vick's record which makes a lot of sense. Michael Vick played for the Atlanta Falcons...the other Blackbird team....before Super Bowl 50 I remember thinking the Carolina Panthers would win because of the racial stories building up in the media...I thought they might let a black quarterback and a team related to the black panthers win to fit with the racial stories.....
Then we got Colin Kaepernick kneeling the next season which was all about Charles Manson and Black people rising up...then the Falcons lost in the Super Bowl(Rise Up)..the song Blackbird is what he said was telling black people to rise it's interesting the Colin Kaepernick workout announcement came on Charles Manson's bday this Lamar Jackson beating Michael Vicks(Falcons) record....It would make sense if a Black QB did win the Super Bowl this year if this narrative continues. This is also the 50th Super Bowl of the modern era..connecting back to SB 50. 

Also the Beach Boys song that they copied from Charles Manson is on the Album called 20/20...Super Bowl 54 being played in 2020 on 2/2 is pretty interesting with this. 

Anyway I figured I would look at the Dog Fighting case with Vick...
Bad Newz Kennels=70
Dog Fighting=70
Notice how the Wiki page says over 70 dogs were seized..They can't write the exact number? it's laughable. 

Michael Vick's bday is also on the 177th day of the year. 

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