Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Magic showing up in my life tonight-Ben 10-South Park-unfinished Blog post from 12/21-

I had to work all day and then when I got home Jasmine had to go pick up her family for Christmas tomorrow. Anyway I made some Ramen noodles and sat down on the couch as the baby wasn't crying. I turned on the TV and went to Hulu and clicked on South Park. It randomly chose this episode for me to watch..."Cock MAGIC". 
I didn't really get to watch the episode as Alistair started crying and what not....A few hours later I got him to sleep and the show Ben 10 was playing. I think because my other son Zamien likes it, and it must automatically play if you don't choose a different show...

Anyway I look up at the TV and they are talking about this guy being the best Magician in the world...He then says something like he doesn't like real magic because there are too many rules that have to be followed...He then opens up a door to a library and of course it has a pyramid with the All Seeing Eye...and the Infinity symbol on the door. 

Once in the library this lady then invokes the magician guy to this room....
I just think it's funny as studying this concept has been about all I've done this month in my free time. 

I've been saying it for a long time in regards to how this system works and it's seemingly proving itself to me...

Ben Ten=30, 60

Ha, well the reason the South Park episode came on, was because it was the next episode after the Oculus rift episode. I didn't finish my blog post on this, but I watched this episode because I had synchronicity at my cousin Timmy's the other night and it involved the Oculus. Honestly I was hammered when I got home and didn't finish the post. I see there is another episode involving Magic in this season of South Park too....South Park also does a lot of episodes that involve summoning..

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