Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Synchronicity with Dalton Yesterday-White Settlement Church Shooter

Yesterday in my blog post I mentioned how there is something connected to a Dalton theme...I then left to my nephews birthday party. While I was sitting there I noticed I got a snapchat from Sturgill....of it was picture of Bengals jerseys...the only 2 you can make out are DALTON and Dunlap.....I live in the town Dunlap as well. 

They also identified the White Settlement Church Shooting shooter...
Keith Thomas Kinnunen=87, 102, 282
The Dallas Cowboys won yesterday but didn't make the playoffs...,the numbers are still interesting though. 
Cowboys=87, 102
Charles Manson=282(FB)
He was even 43 years old...
Dallas Cowboys=43

It also stands out to me that the Cowboys lost the division to the Eagles.....they are the team who won Super Bowl 52 after Charles Manson died...
Charles Manson=52
Philadelphia Eagles=87

I like how one of the victims was Richard White as well....he got killed in White Settlement...

The Cowboys also won with 47 points yesterday. I've been talking a lot about the Ravens in regards to Super Bowl 47..so this just sticks out to me...
Keith Thomas Kinnunen=231
Baltimore Ravens=231
National Anthem=231

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