Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Pope Francis gifted Baltimore Ravens Lamar Jackson Jersey

Of course it would be signed by John Harbaugh as well. The guy who has a birthday of 9/23...the important day that Pope Francis visited the US in 2015. 

Notice this story comes 34 days before Jackson's birthday. 
Francis=34 and 47
Super Bowl 47 was all about the number 34 if you remember. 
Joe Flacco=34 and 47...currently 34 years old. Remember on 3/4 after SB 47 they gave him a 6 year contract of 120 million making him the highest paid QB ever too....Flacco was traded to the Broncos this year on 3/13...the 6th year anniversary of Pope Francis being the Pope. 
Ravens won with 34 points on the game played on the 34th day of the year....34 minute stoppage from Blackout.

Francis also became the Pope 38 days after the Ravens beat the 49ers in the Super Bowl held in New Orleans where the SAINTS play....all part of the riddle lol. 
This story comes 13 days before Pope Francis' bday and 1 month 3 days before Lamar Jackson's bday. 
13th prime is 41
Super Bowl=41

The Super Bowl comes 132 days after John Harbaugh's bday this year..
Catholic Church=132
Roman Catholic=132

This story also comes 2 months 11 days after Harbaugh's bday. 
The 47th prime is 211...
John Harbaugh=211
Notice the Super Bowl this year is 47 days after Pope Francis bday too. 
Ravens last won Super Bowl 47. 

I'm thinking about Lamar Jackson currently being 22 years old right now too....The Blackout at SB 47 lasted 22 minutes....This years SB on 2/2/2020..
The Ethiopian Calendar it's currently the year the season the Ravens won the SB....although it was 2/3/2013....Batman Shooting happened in 2012...

If the Ravens do make the Super Bowl....remember how Youtube gave me a Copyright Claim on my Hairspray video that is all about Nancy Pelosi's brother, the former mayor of Baltimore dying...
Hairspray came out in the US on 7/20...Batman/Moon landing..

Don't forget how important Baltimore is to the National Anthem and the War of 1812 as well. 

Also all the stuff I've documented about with the Lakers/Kobe/Dwight Howard....was important to just after the Ravens won the Super Bowl and Pope Francis became the Pope....The Marathon symbolism important to the Boston Marathon that happened just after the Ravens won too. 
Ravens are a blackbird which is important to Charles Manson/Helter Skelter which is why Kaepernicks story of trying out came on Manson's bday...which is also why Larry Johnson is important...

Today is even more important because it's 266 days after Pope Francis' anniversary of the being the 266th Pope..
3/13/13....2nd prime is 3.....6th prime is 13....2/6/6. 
9/23 the 266th day of the year. 

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