Sunday, December 8, 2019

Paris Hilton says she wouldn't be shamed for her Sex Tape in #MeToo era-Princess Diana-Paris, France

I just went to and a headline story is that of Paris Hilton saying she wouldn't be shamed of her sextape in the #MeToo era. 
I just documented about her not even a week ago and now she's in the news? 

Interesting she mentions how she looked up to Princess Diana in this story...Diana died in PARIS, France. 
Sex Tape=36
This story comes 3 months 6 days after the anniversary of Princess Diana dying as well. 
It's also 97 days...
Paris Whitney Hilton=97

The sex tape was with Rick Salomon.
Rick Salomon=49
This story came 49 days before his bday..
49th prime is 227....the number special to France. 

Also interesting the Sex Tape begins with a tribute to 9/11/ stands out because that's what I have recently been writing about in the book. I was even doing so before I saw this article. 

Also interesting that I'm seeing this on 12/8 and South Park has an episode about Paris in the 12th episode of season 8. 

MeToo Era=38
Paris Hilton is 38 years old...

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