Saturday, December 7, 2019

Synchronicity with my TV 11:11-Ice Princess-Buffy the Vampire Slayer-Magic-177-August 11th

I'm sitting here writing about 9/11 and I get to the part that involves the number 11. I also was reading Darren Daulton's book just before this as I remembered he mentioned a lot about 11 and 9/11. It's in a part about the synchronicity with 11:11 in his book. 

I have been seeing 11:11 twice a day for almost a week, I just haven't been documenting about it. A lot of times I can't take a screenshot or picture fast enough to prove it...I did get this picture while writing up a blog post the other night. 

The reason for the blog post is as I'm writing this up, I all the sudden hear the TV say..Childrens shows on channel Eleven Eleven....then the next commercial is an AT&T one...this is great as I while looking for my information about 9/11 I searched my AT&T post and ATT made the emergency dialing code in 1968...I wrote about this building up to the number 11. 

Ice Princess=177
New World Order=177


I can't help but think I'm supposed to see something with Michelle Trachtenberg as she was on the film "Ice Princess" which I remember a lot for some reason. This girl is also Buffy's sister on the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

Ha I really have never watched the show much at all. Apparently she is actually known as "The Key" and she wasn't originally Buffy's sister on the show. She was a magical being turned into human...could open portals to other dimensions...
She the KEY...hmmm. connected to Aurora the Goddess of the Dawn...
It's funny the recent week I've been really into the concept of Magic too. 

Since I was thinking about Batman I figured I would check out this music video she was in produced by Joaquin Phoenix. 
It starts out with an invitation to a wedding on August 11th. 

She is sitting next to Christian Slater in the music video too...Remember Buffy in the film says she wants to marry Christian Slater and die. 

Notice Slater went to the DALTON school....he's also the interviewer on the film Interview with the Vampire. 
I swear the other day I was talking to my coworker named Heather about the movie "Heathers" too. She said I sing a song about everything, and I said everything is a song...then she asked about her name and I couldn't think of a song..but I said there is a movie about you. 
Today at work a girl I haven't seen in years was came in the store and her name is Heather possibly it's something to do with that as well....

Today just so happens to be 177 days after her birthday too. 

There is for sure something important to the number 177...I just don't get it...


  1. Slater in saved by the bell too. Yesterday was 6660 days after 9/11

  2. River Phoenix was supposed to be the Interviewer, Christian Slater took over the role