Friday, December 20, 2019

JK Rowling's Transgender Comments and my old information about Gay Agenda 54

It's funny as I just woke up and was going to start writing in the book about Transgender stuff and Bruce Jenner being from Newtown, CT where Sandy Hook was. This article was on the top of CNN's headlines, and it drew me in because J.K. Rowling was important to the TROLL theme in 2016.  Plus I have been reading a lot about Magic lately in regards to Harry Potter. 

Notice she was born on the same day Buffy The Vampire released...and is also 54 years old. 
I have been mentioning since 2016 that although it's not connected to the gematria of Transgender stuff the number 54 is really important to it. I started mentioning the 54 stuff with the Gay Agenda with a video involving the kid at the College World Series TROLLING the camera...Remember how 2016 has been important to this year and the Troll theme in connection to Buffy. 
The day after that CWS game we got an Amtrak derailment near Trinidad, Colorado which used to be the Sex Change capital of the world. 
The main Dr. at the hospital was born on 5/4 and didn't get the job until 1954. After he left "Marci Bowers"=54 took over at that hospital. 

Michelle Obama=54

The point of the story involved the loss of Maya Forstater's job. 
Maya Forstater=54

It's also interesting in that college world series video I made I mentioned "New Orleans"=54(s) and 126
Fifty Four=54, 126
Think about the upcoming Super Bowl 54....the France stuff important to New Orleans...Will Smith/Focus....Battle of New Orleans in connection to Baltimore/National Anthem/War of 1812...SAINTS..Pope Francis getting the Ravens jersey....Blacks Rising up.....
Drew Brees beats Peyton Manning's record...Manning's last Super Bowl was when the race story started in the NFL...Black the time I thought the Panthers would win because it was time for Blacks people to win with the ongoing racial division stories..Michael Brown/Freddie Grey and so on.. This was before I even knew of the Charles Manson narrative. 
Drew Brees=54
New Orleans=54(rev red) as well. 
Super Bowl 50 is also where I noticed the Carolina/King Charles/English Civil War ritual...The Carolina Bathroom Law....
San Francisco known for being a high population of Gay people...this is where the Kaepernick stuff began...
We just got that Harvey Milk story....I mentioned Judy Garland in regards to Gay people/Somewhere over the Rainbow in this old video as well...I swear just yesterday I saw a Judy Garland story on CNN, but I can't find it now...
Rainbow Flag=54

I think it was something about this film called "Judy" that just came out a few months back....Notice it has Rufus Sewell in it too haha. 

While trying to find the Judy Garland story I went to search for it on Yahoo and the main story is about Dwyane Wade calling his son by feminine pronouns haha. It's just everyday all day for me, so hilarious. 

Listening to that old video...I later mentioned Omaha and the Mormons...which reminds me of the recent Larry Johnson/New Mexico Mormon post I had...the Chiefs important to the Mormons....Remember Taysom Hill who beat Nebraska with the Hail Mary Pass when he played for BYU(Mormon) is now a QB for the Saints...along with Teddy Bridgewater who was important to Nebraska as well....just as Dywane Wade is important to Nebraska.
The Chiefs were the team I thought would win during SB 50, because of the Mormon narrative. 
I'm anxious to see what happens as we are approaching 2020 and this knowledge seems to all connect back to hindsight to understand the future. It's something I have been talking about for a long time too, but with 2020 coming it stands out a lot more. 

We also just had this story a few days ago as well...the Mormon Church accused of stockpiling billions...

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