Sunday, December 29, 2019

Shooting at White Settlement Church-Margot Robbie portrayed Sharon Tate in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood-Harley Quinn-Joker

I forgot to add in this comment that "Charles Manson"=52

Zenith commented on my last video I made about Batman a bit ago in regards to Mariah Carey. I got the notification on my phone, but it was funny as I had just got on the computer to see a story about a shooting in White Settlement, Texas at a church. 
Mariah Carey is the reason I knew Charles Manson was important to the kneeling narrative in the NFL....just before Charles Manson died we got the Sutherland Springs Church Shooting in just sparked my brain. I looked up Sharon Tate again and I saw that Margot Robbie portrayed her in Quentin Tarantino's new film.."Once Upon a Time in Hollywood". Margot Robbie was also Harley Quinn which was important to the Joker/Batman stuff I mentioned for months. 

I'm gonna have to watch "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" now too....Notice the main character is has the last name of "Dalton"....another theme I have mentioned in the last few months...It mentions the playboy mansion too and I just wrote about Hugh Hefner dying in my book on Friday in regards to Transgender Ines Rau....I then noticed the film "House Bunny" was on the TV, which is also about the playboy mansion. 
Playboy Mansion=64( I didn't realize this before)
Hugh Hefner=64
He died just days before the 64th anniversary of Playboy being founded....They then announced the first Transgender playmate Ines Rau...
Caroline Cossey=64(transgender in playboy but not playmate)

It's also the last film to feature Luke Perry.....Thinking about the importance of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Sharon Tate was in the Fearless Vampire that was important to this symbolism...
Roman Polanski's rape on 3/10....friendship with Jack/Joker.
Manson died 3 months 10 days after the Tate murders anniversary. 
Buffy the Vampire Slayer=310

Notice this shooting happened about a half hour away from AT&T stadium where the Cowboys play....think about ATT and 911 too...
WHITE SETTLEMENT gets shot up....
Blacks rising up....

There may be something important to a kid I went to school with from the Dallas area as well named Kevin Quinn....Harley Quinn....I remember he told me his dad worked at the funeral home where Dimebag Darrell's funeral was. 
I just looked on his Facebook and it says he works at AT&T...this might not be true anymore as I haven't updated mine in years...but still interesting...

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