Monday, December 23, 2019

Akasha and Manon-Queen of the Damned and The Craft

A few days ago I noticed I got an email about  a "Manon" on twitter and I have no idea who this person even is. I then went to Facebook and one of the first things that came up was something about a Mannon....All I can think is that it's connected to the Magic stuff I've been reading a lot about lately....I think this because I remember the name "Manon" from the film, "The Craft".
Funny how Freemasonry is also sometimes known as "The Craft" too. 
I'm sure there's more for me to look up with this film but I just wanted to document a quick thought on this sync. 

I also was thinking about this the other day as I was reading the Franz Bardon book about Hermetics. Notice that the Akasha principle is basically what God is....
This has to be the concept that Aaliyah's character in the film Queen of the Damned gets her name..."Akasha". She is the first vampire and where it all began. 

Ha..random too...I don't really know why I am choosing to put these things together in a blog post, but they just seemed to make sense to me....I see Queen of the Damned came  out on the 53rd day of 2002 and The Craft came out on 5/3. 
Manon and Akasha have similar aspects...

Chalk another up for the 42 and black people too. 

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