Monday, December 23, 2019

NASCAR's Junior Johnson and Bill Simpson dead in connection to Dale Earnhardt

He dies 111 days after the big date I was talking about important to the Dale Earnhardt's? 
Dale Earnhardt=111
The Last American Hero=111
Notice he was 88 years how Dale Jr. was famous for driving the number 88 car for years. 

Plus the JJ theme. 

A few days before Junior Johnson dies Bill Simpson dies? A guy known for Safety and controversy after Dale Earnhardt Sr. I mean come on..I even mentioned this as being important in regards to Kyle Busch/Safer Barriers

He dies 2 months 27 days before his bday? Remember Jimmie Johnson announced is retirement 2 months 27 days before the Daytona 500 in the 49th Modern Era Cup...
Dale Jr. died age 49 on the 49th day...
France is important to 227
Interesting his bday is 3/14 too and 22/7=3.14

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