Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Toronto rapper Bvlly killed on Christmas Eve-France-Billy Madison

Jahquar Stewart=88, 182
Christmas Eve=182

I watched his video, "No Light Bag" and I'm interested that he's wearing a Paris shirt....
LIGHT Bag...Paris the City of LIGHTS...the coding with NFL is important to the Blackout bowl....
No Light Bag=49
49th prime is 227..
Possibly nothing, but worth noting. 
He died age 24 on the 24th of December...
Twenty Four=49

He dropped his first album on 9/22/2019....The 227th anniversary of the French Monarchy...
Notice the first song is titled, "It wasn't planned". Haha like all the other rappers that die with hints like this. 
The 3rd track titled, "Magicians". 
It actually starts off with the Austria National Anthem, but he doesn't have it in his playlist. 

The song Magicians starts off with a quote from Billy Madison..."t.t.t.t today Junior"....It's only interesting as I was reading about the town he lived in and was shot at...It mentions how a House in the town is featured in Billy could be why he would put that in the song, but I'm guessing there is something more important to Billy Madison with this guys death.  Bvlly looks similar to Billy as well...
Made in Austria=135
Billy Madison=135
Adam Sandler=182(FB)

He also died 1 month 17 days before the 25th anniversary of Billy Madison on 2/10/20...
Adam Richard Sandler=117

It makes me think of Hanukkah as well...the Festival of LIGHTS...

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  1. Crazy man. I was scrolling down to make a comment about 9/11 turning 227 lunar months old on 1/17 and there you are talking about 117. Also something strange today is CNN has all these junk ads or links like tabloid type stories at the bottom of their articles and noticed one today on Billy Nelson. Willy Nelson's brother who hung himself. What the hell? Billy Butcherson grom Hocus Pocus als comes to mind. Out of nowhere the old lady put on the masked singer. Gonna be looking into that as well.