Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Dark Knight Rises on my TV when I came upstairs after my last post

I just came up to my bedroom after that last blog post. I figured I would sit down and try to write more in the book and add something about the film "Focus" in it. I wanted some background noise so I turned on the TV this is what came on lol...The Dark Knight Rises? What are the odds? 
The RISE of Skywalker? Dark Knight RISES....Remember when my Uncle died in connection to the Falcons and their motto was RISE Up....Charles Manson connected to the kneeling and RISE/Rising Up instead of a Knee. 
Right as I wrote that last sentence I hear the TV say.."And a Brilliant people RISING From this Abyss"....
It's part of the Speech the guy is reading at Bruce Wayne's funeral at the end...

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