Monday, December 2, 2019

The Batman Symbolism in light of the Ravens and 49ers having good seasons-Super Bowl 47-Sandy Hook

As I'm sitting here writing in the book, I just realized a big piece to what I've been documenting. Remember the Batman shooting was important to Sandy Hook...the Sandy Hook kids sang America the Beautiful at Super Bowl 47...the Blackout Bowl with the Ravens and the 49ers..
Also I mentioned this year being Friday the 13th on 12/13....this just so happens to be James Holmes bday...
James Holmes=177
Remember the kicker in the film had the last name Ravenstahl too....then the Ravens went on to win the Super Bowl...

Sandy Hook Elementary=86
James Eagan Holmes=86
Aurora Colorado=86

The Film Skyfall with the Aurora preview building came out on 11/9 or 9/11 which was 112 days after the Batman shooting. 

Hines Ward also returns the football while the field is the film he wears number 86. He is currently 43 years old, and will still be when Super Bowl 54 happens which I find interesting..
Aurora=43...happened on the 43rd anniversary of the Moon landing....

There seems to be a 1 day off thing with it all too...
James Eagan Holmes=148
7/20 to 12/14 is 148 days(end date)
His bday is 1 day before...
Adam Lanza's bday of 4/22 is normally the 112th day, but he was born in a leap 1 day off...
James Holmes bday to Adam Lanza's is 131 days(end date)
Sandy Hook=131
James Holmes bday to the Batman shooting is 221 days(end date)-
Aurora Colorado=221

Think about America the Beautiful too in regards to the drama over the national anthem. 
Sandy Hook happened 51 days before Super Bowl 47..

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  1. Batman = 174 Jewish
    I've documented a 174,471 code with the Great Conjunction.
    Baltimore Ravens = 174 ordinal
    The code for me began with
    Peter Henry Fonda = 174 ordinal
    He died 174 days after his birthday. 9/11 was 471 days after the 2000 Great Conjunction of May 28th. September 7th was 471 days to the Great Conjunction of 2020. 19 year old Andreescu beat Williams. She was born on the day of the 2000 Great Conjunction using heliocentric coordinates. In helio the 2020 election is the day of the Great Conjunction