Friday, March 26, 2021

Beverly Cleary dead after I mentioned Ramona Quimby in my video this morning


I made a video this morning about the death of Houston Tumlin and how it synced to my NASCAR/Royal Family narrative from 2019...In that video I mentioned how the date 9/19 has been important to Queen Elizabeth II since YouTube gave me a copyright strike on 9/19/2014...I mentioned how the video was about Ramona Quimby...I do have a playlist on this stuff on my channel too, which is why I didn't want to re-explain it...anyway here it is like 5 hours later and I get a notification on my phone that Beverly Cleary died yesterday....I had no idea lol...she is the writer of the Ramona Quimby books. 

Ramona Quimby=201(FB) and 227(FB)
227 was the important number to France/Nascar in 2019..
Houston Tumlin=201
He died 201 days after Dale Earnhardt's bday. 

In my old video I talked about Ramona Quimby Age 8....
Ramona Quimby Age Eight=104
Beverly Cleary died age 104..
I mentioned how I thought she would die age 102 in 2018 in a post that involved the Cuban plane crash...that whole post had a lot to do with the number 104...such as Fidel Castro dying 104 days after his bday....the plane had 104 passengers..
Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz=104
I'm also curious about this considering the plane that skidded off the runway in was coming from Guantanamo Bay(Maximum Security) and synced to the the horse Maximum Security being disqualified...recall that horse race was synced to Titus who is important to Mt. Vesuvius. 

Interesting that Cleary was born in McMinnville, Oregon too...
Recall that McMinnville, Tennessee was important a few months back in regards to Bobby Simpson and a sync I had with the Gematria Effect...
McMinnville, Oregon also has a famous UFO photograph? 
Cleary's first job was as a librarian in Yakima, Washington too...where Zach now lives...

My old video that involves Ramona Quimby also involved the Terry Gilliam film "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" that film he stays with Vulcan and then dances with Venus who is Vulcan's wife...Vulcan then gets mad about it...This is all after the part with Robin Williams as the King of the Moon. 

Terry Gilliam=201(FB) and 227(FB)
Brazil...which stars Jonathan Pryce(Pope Francis)
Time Bandits...

I need to think more on this death..
It is interesting that she died 187 days after 9/19..on the 84th day too. 
Crazy that she died 6 years 6 months and 6 days after my video involving Ramona Quimby too..


  1. Bobby had a wild sync with this story too, saying he heard of her death a few days ago before it happened. Then we found out she was born in McMinnville.
    Beverly Artlee Cleary = 196 which is 14 squared. I just mentioned in my video today how "Oz" = 14, Dr Oz born in 1960, and that Oz actor died this week too.
    Wizard of Oz from Syracuse...Oz creator from upstate NY too. Syracuse plays HOUSTON in the NCAA tourney tomorrow, #2 vs #11. "Ritual human sacrifice" = 211

    1. It's "Atlee" not Artlee but the 196 is right.
      I had some truly bone chilling syncs all week. Humanity rising? Something's going on around here.

    2. Documenting some more of these syncs:

  2. Just to clear it up I didn't hear of her death before the 26th but CNN had stories from days ago posted at the top of their page. I know it sounds crazy. It was as if it had went to an old page somehow but beverly cleary was below it and the red volcanic eruption banner above so I could place it on that day. Otherwise I would've thought my phone was glitching to a page from days ago. I go to CNN multiple times every day so this kinda thing to me is rare atleast in my mind....

  3. But yea McMinnville Oregon is named for McMinnville TN. Tennessee is the 16th state and "sixteen" = 33. Oregon is the 33rd state. McMinnville Oregon and McMinnville TN were each in the path of totality for the 2017 eclipse

  4. What if the message here is that we "write" more. Beverly Cleary being an author and all that...

  5. Have you had anymore Pink symbolism come up lately. When I was in elementary school our Librarians were Mrs Pinky and Mrs Winton. Mrs. Pinky was as sweet as could be and Mrs. Winton was very stern. Something else about libraries growing up is that in middle school we were assigned codes to check out books. Mine was 678 for crying out loud.

  6. Vulcan played by Oliver Reed. I was watching some videos of him on Johnny Carson a couple months back. Quite the character. Robin Williams is the King of the Moon. The days the news broke of Beverly Cleary was the day I turned 418 lunar months old. 418 I big Crowley number. The day Cleary died was exactly 11 lunar years after the film Ramona and Beezus released.