Friday, March 26, 2021

My old Tarot Cards and the possible reason for my recent bad luck streak


Last night after I got home taking Jasmine's brother to work I went in the kitchen to talk to Jasmine...I had put my laptop above the fridge and when I went to grab it, I had an epiphany...I forgot all about getting my old tarot cards from my parents house a while back...they were in my SUV that broke down for the longest time and I never brought them into the house...the transmission went out so I ended up junking it and taking everything out...

Not too long ago my son Zamien found these cards and played with them and ever since all kinds of bad things have been it might not have anything to do with these tarot cards, but the last time this happened my apartment got haunted...the picture above is what I snapchatted my friend who played with my cards and experienced the haunting with me after doing so...

I took the cards out and counted them to make sure they were all there last night and all 78 were there, but I noticed Jasmine didn't wrap them back up in the silk cloth they were supposed to be in, and only the top and bottom cards were facing the wrong way. I mean facing upwards and not face down if that makes sense.

The 5 of Pentacles...on the bottom

The 6 of Swords....on the Top. It was also upside down/reversed.

This card is pretty accurate to my situation too lol. 

The reversed 6 of Swords is also pretty how my basement many times have I mentioned that I feel stuck with this knowledge recently too? It's just hilarious to me seeing this. 

As I'm writing this my son Zamien just threw a wet towel and hit my computer getting water all over it too lol...thankfully I got it wiped off fast enough, but damn man. 

After reading my blog I discovered I went and got the cards on 9/19/2020...this just interests me as it's the date with Queen Elizabeth II that I just mentioned...I'm also currently working on a blog post about the death of Beverly Cleary, who I just found out died a few hours ago...the 9/19 thing was synced to Ramona Quimby...

Maybe all of my bad luck has nothing to do with these cards, but I laughed like crazy last night thinking about the bad experience I had the last time they were in a house of can't be a coincidence that these cards are in my house again and now bad luck is hitting...regardless, I think I'm going to find a safe place for them...not at my house...but who knows they will probably end up back here next to an Annabelle doll. The thing is, I know that all of this bad stuff is happening for a reason and eventually it will make sense, so I'm trying not to worry about it, but it has been stressful that's for sure. 


My car broke down 147 days after getting them. 

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