Saturday, October 31, 2020

Sean Connery dead 209 days after Honor Blackman and my 4/10/2020 post involving Sean Connery/James Bond/Moon


I hit this one on the nose back in April when we had the death of Honor Blackman/Pussy Galore....thinking about that name now too as she died just before George Floyd/Black Lives Matter...

He died 209 days after Honor Blackman. 
Thomas Sean Connery=209
Interesting that's a Charles Manson number too..
Charles Manson=209

Sean Connery=164
I mention this as I've seen a lot of 164 in the past few months, but didn't document about it...For example. "Miami Heat"=164
I seemed to see it a lot with the number 193 too from what I remember. 

I dont have time to look right now because I have to DJ again in like a half hour. I do wonder if this death is synced to the Moon, which I mentioned in my April post....Also I wonder about Alex Trebek considering when I think of Sean Connery the Celebrity Jeopardy SNL episodes instantly come to mind...
Suck it Trebek...

It makes me wonder even more so considering Connery died 204 days after my post on 4/10...and 103 days after the Moon landing...
Alex Trebek=103 and 204(FB)


  1. John Herschel's father discovered Uranus. The Full Moon was in conjunction with Uranus on Halloween. Last night's Full Moon was the 711th full moon since Dr. No released in the U.S. also under a Full Moon.

  2. Strange, Deja Vu, feel like you and Zach already documented this info.

    Note that Connery was born in FountainBRIDGE.

    He died in Nassau....PIRATES!