Sunday, October 11, 2020

Korn and the song "Children of the Korn" featuring Ice Cube-Cliff theme

I don't remember exactly why, but at some point this weekend I remembered something important to the band Korn. They have a song with Ice Cube called, "Children of the Korn" on their "Follow the Leader" album. Notice that it came out on Roman Polanski's birthday too.

Reading more about this album it mentions a guy named Jim ROSE too. It even goes on to mention how Jim Rose toured with Marilyn Manson before he was famous. 

In relation to Ice Cube and basketball, he is not only a Lakers fan, but also created the "Big3" league. Notice Clyde Drexler is the commissioner too...I mentioned him in regards to South Park/Houston. The Big3 created in 2017, the year much of what I have talked about is important to. 
It doesn't have to be spelled this way, but still intersting..

Big Three=194(FB) and 282(FB)
Charles Manson=194(FB) and 282(FB)
Children of the Corn=282

I also find it interesting that the cover of Follow the Leader involves a "Cliff". Remember the Cliff theme was important leading up to the NBA strike and Cliff Robinson dying...Robinson played with Clyde Drexler in Portland..

I've also seen a few stories involving cliffs in the last week again too. A story about an Oregon Hiker...makes me think of Portland again....also a story of a man taking pictures in Arizona falling off a cliff. They then found other remains at the bottom. 

Corn Cliff?


  1. Jimmy Cliff....
    Born 4.1.1948
    April Fools

    Covered Johnny Nash....
    I can see clearly now....

  2. NOTICE: Follow the Leader Album Cover.

    NUMBERS on the ground leading to DEATH.

    HOP SCOTCH....107 44
    Kill....44 17

    RED dress....
    Red is blood....death...


  3. The girl is standing on the NINE.

    A jersey with the #3...



    "TEN" is over the Cliff.

    Horn Hand Symbol.....

  4. Released:




    ROSs ROBINSON....prior producer...

    Ross means HORSE...

  5. Korn released 26 years ago their first album on 10/11/1994