Monday, October 12, 2020

Synchronicity at work with Rose theme and Royal Family

 A few hours ago I was telling a co worker how I haven't wrote a song or played guitar for years, and it used to be my passion. I have hundreds of songs, but I just one day quit doing it...a lot of it has to do with my obsession over esoteric knowledge which takes up all of my free time.....Anyway I just got a message from the person I used to make beats for and play live guitar with asking if I wanted to come over and play guitar on some of his beats. He also sent me a song by an artist he is making beats for, and said I could do live shows if I wanted too. I'm really thinking about it, because the song he sent is a style I actually enjoy. I was actually thinking about my friend last night too, because I want to include the story about him and me asking for a truth seeking friend to God only to have Sam text me at the same time....

Anyway, so I have synchronicity with this and then a few minutes later I get a random notification from Facebook...I barely get any unless I go to my actual Facebook too, but this one came up, because someone had commented on a post from 2008..

I click on it and why wouldn't the post be from a girl I know named Jessica ROSE.

Further, notice the original post is from 11/14, which is Prince Charles' bday..think how Charles is important to the Rose theme with Charles Manson and so on..

I know its important to this even more so because Jessica's bday is 4/21, which is Queen Elizabeth's bday...notice Jessica's husband is named ROYAL too...u can't make this stuff up.

Today is 191 days before Elizabeth II's bday too.

Elizabeth II=191

Society of Jesus=191

Today is Columbus Day...recall how these are all related.

I'm honestly wondering about Prince Philip because I have saw the number 610 a bunch today, like I was thinking about the Rose theme and looked at the scale and it said 6.10

Remember the date 6/10 is important and Prince Philips bday.

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