Saturday, October 17, 2020

Hot for Teacher Van Halen video in relation to the Ginger Cow-Charles Manson/Rose-Death of Eddie Van Halen-Two and a Half Men-Conchata Ferrell


So I'm sitting here thinking about the Rose theme and it's connections to Conchata Ferrell/Eddie Van Halen...I just figured out a huge piece to this.

ZENITH OF THE ALPHA, America=104(Keypad)

Eddie Van Halen=104

On 10/12/2020, we then got the death of Conchata Ferrell who is famous for being the housekeepr in "Two and a half Men". 

Conchata Ferrell=65(Keypad)

Two and a half Men=65(Keypad)

Conchata also died 5 months 16 days before her birthday, which is interesting because Melanie Lynskey, the actress who portrays the character "Rose" was born on 5/16. Recall, in 2019 the number 516 was important to "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and Slipknot. This in turn was related to Charles Manson, the Chinese Pig year, and the dates 8/10 and 8/11. 

Eddie Van Halen died 8 months 10 days, or a span of 8 months 11 days after his birthday. 

Bobby made a video about Van Halen’s music video “Hot for Teacher” in 2019. He pointed out that if you change the numbers on the chalkboard in the video to letters, it says, “Holy Shit”. I then pointed out that the song "Hot for Teacher" is on the "Ginger Cow" episode of South Park, which was important to the 3rd Temple and Tisha B'AV. 

Look at this though...

Hot for Teacher=194(FB), 282(FB), 261(FB), 416(FB) and 65(It came out on the day leaving 65 days in the year)

Ginger Cow=194(FB), 282(FB)

Charles Manson=194(FB), 282(FB), 261(FB), 416(FB)...

Gemaria The Killing Name=194

I should point out that Jon Cryer's birthday is 4/16 and remember he is important to the "Duck/Pink" symbolism too. Remember Tisha B'Av in 2022 falls on 8/6...the 218th day which is important to that symbolism as well. 

Cryer was born in 65' too. 

Holy Shit=116, 100

Slipknot=116, 100

 Angus T. Jones bday was the 282nd day of 2020....the same as Nick Cannon's. 

Nick Cannon=194(FB)

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