Sunday, October 25, 2020

Zachery Ty Bryan arrested in Oregon on 10/16 for strangling his girlfriend


Zachery Ty Bryan=191, 187
Home Improvement=191
Carly Matros=145, 46, 71
Catholic=145, 46, 71
Society of Jesus=191, 187
Remember back in March I had synchronicity with Toy Story and then found out Buzz Lightyear is actually voiced by Tim Allen and not George Clooney.....I wonder if there is something important to that..
That synchronicity was on 3/10 which was 7 months 6 days before this happened on the day leaving 76 days in the year. 
I also find it interesting because that was the day my grandpa Behrendt died..
The synchronicity involved my cousin Nicole too...
I only find it interesting because my grandpa and my dad are very similar to Tim the Toolman except they don't get injured or break things all the time. 
Zachery Ty Bryan's bday is 10/9
Don Behrendt=109(Grandpa)

Zachery Ty Bryan I also remember from the film "First Kid"...which is about the White House and the Secret Service..
Zachery Ty Bryan is also from Aurora, Colorado and Tim Allen's birthday leaves 201 days in the year. 

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