Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Donald Trumps coronavirus on 10/2 and Barron Trumps coronavirus on 10/14


Donald Trump got coronavirus on 10/2.
Notice it was 110 days before inauguration day and 110 days after his bday.


Think how coronavirus syncs to 9/11 and the numer 110 being important to that.
Also think about the date 10/2 and the world trade center Attacks lasted 102 minutes.

Al Qaeda=102(Jewish)


The date 10/2 is also interesting considering the connection to World War.

World War=102

Remember Queen Elizabeth gave a speech involving Vera Lynn and World War the same day Trumps Twin Boris Johnson went to the hospital.   Johnson got coronavirus 189 days or 6 months 5 days before Trump.


Prince Philip=189

Its also a span of 190 days and 6 months 6 days.

King Charles=190


Donald Trump=190(FB)

Trump also got it 8 months 8 days before Philips bday. 


Trump also got coronavirus 201 days before Queen Elizabeth's bday.


Remember his national convention synced to Elizabeth too.

Funny that as Im randomly writing this at work I get a notification of breaking news that Barron Trump has coronavirus too..

Barron Trump=208(FB)
Notice he got it 208 days after his bday and 5 months 6 days before..
The 6 months 24 days also connects to the royal family/Freemasons/Jesuits.

Melania also got coronavirus 5 months 6 days or 159 days after her bday...and 6 months 24 days before.
Donald Trump=159

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  1. What do you think the significance of 28/208/82/and etc is? I've been noticing it a lot lately in the news, especially when I started looking into this viral tiktok star named "Doggface208". You may already know, but in the tiktok that made him famous, he's skateboarding to work while drinking ocean spray cranberry juice and listening to Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.

    I immediately thought of Dreams by the Cranberries, and let me tell ya.....there are a million gematria connections to both bands, this tiktok star, the CEO of ocean spray, the death of Dolores O'riordan and the band Bad Wolves, and even to the other articles I've been seeing lately. 28/82s everywhere.

    The weirdest part of all, is that from the day Dolores O'riordan died, to the day I made these discoveries, was 2 years, 8 months, and 28 days. Freaked me out lol