Friday, October 30, 2020

Chicago White Sox announcement of Tony La Russa's hring uses AJ HInch's Signature-Tiger and Tiger King narrative


Absolutely not a mistake that Tony La Russa signs with the White Sox and they make an error involving AJ Hinch....then we get a story about AJ Hinch and the Detroit Tigers....

Notice that Tony La Russa is 76 years old and born in Tampa. 


Recall how the Tiger symbolism was important to Tampa Bay and Carole Baskin's husband disappearing. 

Today is 167 days after AJ Hinch's birthday. 

The 39th prime number is 167. 


White Sox=39

Tony La Russa=39

Of course Tampa Bay just lost in the World Series too. 

It's interesting to note that the Tampa Bay Rays lost in the World Series 143 days after Carole Baskin's bday. 

Tiger King=143

Jack Donald Lewis=143(Her husband)

Andrew Jay Hinch=143

AJ Hinch's bday is a span of 143 days before Tony La Russa's. 


Chicago Bears=143(FB)

Chicago Cubs=143(FB)

Detroit Tigers=79, 169

Chicago White Sox=79, 169

Tampa Bay=79

Carole Baskin=79

Recall that the number 79 was very important to Tiger King and the number 22...Year of the Tiger 22' as well. 

The Super Bowl will be held in Tampa Bay...

Tony La Russa is known for coaching the Cardinals....this happens just after the pope elects 13 new cardinals on the day where they took the Tampa Bay Buccaneers off prime time for the Arizona Cardinals game...

St Louis=167(FB)....the 39th prime...

The Jesuit number is 201...


AJ Hinch=35

Tony La Russa=132


Catholic Church=132

Tom Brady=194(FB) and 35


Chicago=35, 46

The 143rd prime is 823...reminding me of Kobe's bday..

Joe Exotic born on 3/5...

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