Sunday, October 11, 2020

Twins eliminated by the Astros 3-1-Other interesting narratives with the World Series


The Minnesota Twins were again eliminated in the Wildcard round of the playoffs, just like 2017. Notice they lost to the Houston Astros of all teams though, the team who won the 2017 World Series. 

The score was 3-1 and the Astros record became 31-31 on the season with the 2 wins in the playoffs. 


There are some interesting scenarios involving the World Series this year now....We could get a rematch of the Astros vs Dodgers from 2017....

We could also get the Tampa Bay Rays, which is interesting in regards to the Tiger King narrative, and the Pirate Narrative I was following. It would be even more interesting to me if we had the Rays vs the Atlanta Braves considering the how South Park was synced to the Redskins...and how it was important to Tampa Bay...think about how the Braves are a native american team and they haven't changed their name....this in the same year the Chiefs win the Super I've mentioned since 2016 that the Native American Theme/Indians were connected to the 116th World great if the Braves went considering they are a native american they last won over the Indians in the same year the Rockets won the NBA Finals. Plus the Indians last won the WS over the Boston Braves....The Braves important to the Jacob Blake shooting as well. 

1995 was also after the MLB strike that was connected to the Expos, so it would be interesting with the Braves even more so considering the National/Expos won last year. 

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  1. 43-17.....

    LA Dodgers Season Record.

    Week 5 Score
    Dolphins vs 49ers

    43 = Dolphins

    Miami Heat lost the same day.