Sunday, October 25, 2020

Jeff Bridges has Lymphoma-Bridge Theme-Steelers-Rose Bridge named after Rose Kennedy-Pope Francis elects 13 Cardinals including First Black US Prelate Wilton Gregory


Jeff Bridges has lymphoma now? Remember how Charles Manson died in 2017, which was the year Trump called out the NFL for Kneeling connected to the Eagles....Super Bowl 52 was connected to Bridge symbolism and the Big Lebowski hates the fucking Eagles. 

Jeff Bridges=55

The upcoming Super Bowl is SB 55. 

This story comes a span of 112 days before the Super Bowl and also the Super Bowl is 65 days after Jeff Bridges 56th bday....


Bridge Collapse=65

The FIU bridge collapsed after SB 52...FIU founded in 65'. 

Super Bowl=112

This doesn't mean the Eagles will be in the Super Bowl either, but there is a connection to them though. They played the Ravens the day before this announcement....the Ravens important to Kneeling/Charles Manson....they then played the Thursday Night Game agains the Giants...

Honestly the Bridge symbolism makes me think about the Pittsburgh Steelers who are playing well this year....they are the City of Bridges....Also the last time they won a Super Bowl was in SB 43 that was held in Tampa Bay...just like SB 55. Another reason I wonder about the Steelers is because of the Rose symbolism and the Antwon Rose story earlier this year. 

I figured I would search "Rose Bridge" and the first thing that came up was a bridge in Ireland named after JFK's mother Rose Kennedy....Notice her name though....she is the 6th American woman to become a Papal countess of the Holy Roman Empire...

Rose Kennedy=187(FB)

JFK died in the 187th year of the United States. 

Society of Jesus=187

Remember how JFK was important to Charles Manson too. 

Pius XII was the Pope during World War II as well...

Rose Kennedy dying on 1/22 makes me think about Pope Francis..

Pope Francis=122

He's been in the news a lot recently too....He said Gay people are today he makes history by naming 13 cardinals today...which includes the first black cardinal Wilton Gregory. 

Of course today is 1 month 22 days before Pope Francis' bday....


Catholich Church=132

He died 56 days after the Jesuit anniversary in 1963. 

Society of Jesus=56

Remember JFK met Pope Paul VI a span of 35 days after his 46th birthday before he was assassinated too. 

Catholic=35, 46

Today is 43 days or 1 month 12 days before Wilton Gregory's birthday. 

Black Prelate=43


Wilton Gregory=64

Wilton Daniel Gregory=311(FB)

The 64th prime is 311...

Both of these numbers important to Civil Rights and JFK. 

He will become a cardinal a span of 35 days from today...



African American Catholic Cardinal=201

Wilton Gregory's bday is also 71 days after the Jesuit anniversary...


Today is also 313 days after Pope Francis' bday...He became Pope on 3/13. 

Today is also 1 month 3 days before 11/28....and he elected 13 Cardinals....became Pope in 3/13/13. 

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  1. I think the Titans gotta be there. Who knows though. The story of Vrabel saying he'd cut his dick off for a SB victory broke 577 days before SB 55. That's the 106th prime. Tennessee = 106. EVH died 10/6