Sunday, October 25, 2020

Lakers call Duncan Robinson Jimmy Neutron and Sheen during NBA Finals


I have never watched Jimmy Neutron, or at least the whole movie or TV show...but I'm pretty sure the film involves Space from what I remember.....just thinking about the connection to China and the Rockets when I saw this story.....Robinson also played for Michigan which is important to Apollo 15..

Duncan Robinson=64


Robinson pointed out that they were calling him "Sheen" from the TV show as well....

The character is named "Sheen Estevez", which has to be a play on Charlie Sheen who is also Carlos Estevez. Just think about Two and a Half Men/Charlie Rose being important...

It is funny though, because I think Robinson does look a lot like Sheen Estevez lol. 


  1. Duncan and Robinson known as "The Twin Towers"

  2. Twin Towers = 218 Franc Baconis. Robinson born on the 218th day of the year