Friday, October 30, 2020

Justin Turner pulled in the 8th inning of the World Series-Jackie Robinson/Kobe Bryant-Magic Johnson-Random Dimebag Darrell Death in relation to Eddie Van Halen


I haven't been blogging much lately, but trust me I am spreading this knowledge all over still with Snapchat and face to face talking. I can't stand how they changed this blogger as I've said before, and I've had zero time to really sit down and look deeper into some of these stories too. 
Anyway, what a scripted joke that they took out Justin Turner in the 8th inning when they found out he had coronavirus lol. My friend also told me the Rays took out their best pitcher while they were winning the game too. He of course came out after 73 pitches...
Los Angeles Dodgers=73
Blake Ashton Snell=53
Los Angeles=53

Eighth Inning=79 and 56

Tampa Bay=79

Justin Turner=135

The World Series ended on 10/27, which is the anniversary of Philadelphia. Remember earlier in the year the Dodgers lost to the Rangers becoming 13-5 Away record the same day Chadwich Boseman died. He of course was synced to Kobe Bryant and played Jackie Robinson in the film "42" that came out the same day Kobe tore his Achilles. That film also came out a span of 135 days after Chadwick Boseman's bday...Chadwich dies on Jackie Robinson Day in the MLB, which is typically held 135 days before on 4/15.....the Dodgers then win on the anniversary of Jackie Robinson's funeral.....Think about Kobe and Philadelphia too...Boseman's bday is the same day Kobe announced his retirement before playing Philadelphia in the next game....

Kobe Bean Bryant=135

Plus Jackie Robinson being in the military Black Panthers also known at 761st Tank Battalion..The 135th prime is 761...

The 2020 World Series was held at Globe Life Field too, which is where the Texas Rangers play. They also had a 13-5 record in the Post season after winning the World Series. 

I find it even funnier that Daryl Morey is in talks about going to the Philadelphia 76ers....of course the number 76 is important to the Racism coding too. 

10/27 is 65 days after Kobe's bday and leaves 65 days in the year. 


To further connect it to Kobe....10/27 is 3 months 4 days or 96 days before Jackie Robinson's bday on 1/31....


Kobe super important to the number 34. 

Chadwich Boseman died on 8/28, and notice the Dodgers won 8 months 28 days after Jackie Robinson's bday too. 

Chadwick Boseman=131....1/31...

Chadwick Aaron Boseman=117

Justin Matthew Turner=117


Next year will be the 117th World Series...

In relation to my last post..."Dodgers"=143(FB)

The 143rd prime is 823...reminding us of Kobe yet again...

Jackie Robinson died 8 months 24 days after his bday too...reminding us of Kobe. 

Kobe...Lakers...Los Angeles...Dodgers...Magic Johnson....
 They won 2 months 13 days after Magic Johnson's bday and his company owns the Dodgers...

Earvin Johnson Jr=213

The NBa Finals=213

Los Angeles=213(FB)

Kobe Bean Bryant=213(FB)

Los Angeles in the 213 Area Code. 

Black Panther=213

Of course, the Dodgers won for the first time in 32 years too syncing up to Magic Johnson.....He wore # 32...and his rookie season will the Lakers was their 32nd season...He announced he had HIV age 32 and came out of retirement to play 32 games. 

Forty Two=194(FB) and 126(FB)

Recall that Jackie Robinson was born in Stamford, Connecticut too...this is where the first Marathon was held in the United States, and in 2019 Los Angeles was synced to the Marathon symbolism with Nipsey Hussle and Luke Walton. 

Justin Turner tied the record for the Dodgers after being hit by his 73rd pitch as a Dodger on Opening Day lol...

Kobe died 7 months 2 days before Chadwick Boseman.

The World Series being held in Arlington also reminds me of the death of Dimebag Darrell. I remember a kid I went to school with in Arizona told me that his dad worked at the funeral home where Darrell's funeral was held. He then told me Eddie Van Halen was super smashed and broke a bunch of stuff at the funeral home and what not...I'm just wondering now with the Death of Eddie Van Halen....

Dimebag Darrell=111 and 163(FB)

He died 111 days after his 38th bday. 

The 38th prime is 163...

Nathan Gale=38(Who shot him)

Damageplan=38(Dimebag's band when he was shot)


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  1. Are those Dodgers bums or what.

    Who Framed Roger Rabit?


    Christopher Lloyd.

    Born in Stamford Connecticut.

    On 10.22

    Note that 10.22 was 1 of 2 days [out of nine] that NO GAMEs were played.