Monday, October 26, 2020

Former 49ers player Dana Stubblefield sentenced for Raping the Babysitter


A few other people shared this with me on Facebook, but it's such a concrete example I have to document about it on the blog. 
Dana Stubblefield gets sentenced for raping the babysitter his babysitter on 4/9 of the year 2015. He gets sentenced exactly 49 weeks after his 49th birthday. 
He played for the San Francisco 49ers. 
He also wore the number 94, the reflection of 49. 

He also won a Super Bowl with the 49ers in the 94' season. 
The season where they won in their 49th season scoring 49 points over the San Diego Chargers. The lead rusher was Steve Young with 49 yards and the QB for the Chargers threw 49 pass attempts. 

The GM of the Chargers was Bobby Beathard too, and now the 49ers have CJ Beathard. Last year his brother died before the 49ers made the Super Bowl. 

It's also interesting that Joe Montana's final season was the 94' season. Recall a month ago that his grandchild was supposedly almost kidnapped in Los Angeles/Malibu... I find this interesting because Dana Stubblefield was sentenced just after the 49ers beat the Los Angeles Rams....and the Chargers now play in Los Angeles too. 

Stubblefield was also sentenced 23 days before his birthday too.