Thursday, June 16, 2016

13 year old Slams Donald Trump on America's got Talent Royalty Cleveland Taylor Swift

I don't mean to cover sports so much honestly. It's just that they are so connected to the stories the media puts out. 
We get this story on CNN today about a 13 year old who slams Donald Trump. 

Lori Mae Hernandez=168=Cleveland Cavaliers=Queen Elizabeth II=Beyonce Knowles=Taylor Swift. 
Lori Mae Hernandez=

I've talked about the Taylor Swift-Beyonce-Kanye coding connecting to the Queen even, but today we also got this pointless story of Taylor Swift kissing this Tom Hiddleston. 

He plays Loki the Marvel Villain. 

Marvel Villain Loki=197=Prince=Lebron
Two Hundred Seven=197
2nd day of Republican National Convention on 19/7. July 19th. 

This girl slammed Trump on America's got Talent=66
Interesting it's 183 the big way as well.  I said I've been watching for this number as it connects to August 7th. It's the halfway point of Queen Eliz II's anniversary of being queen. Both ways it's 183 days.   "Queen Elizabeth II"=87 
She turned 87 in 2013 the same year Pope Francis became the Pope. 

She even became Longest reigning British/English Monarch 333 days before 8/7/16. Philadelphia became 333 years old on 10/27/15. The first day of the NBA Season, The first day of the 111th world Series. 

Thirteen Years=923=Lebron James
King James I died 13 years after the King James Bible in 1611. He died on the 87th day of the year. 
Lebron James in his 13th season of the NBA. 

Trump also connected to the 51 by saying he was Batman. 
Batman=51=Cleveland=Lebron James=Cleveland Cavs=Quicken Loans   
Trumps 15 years 51 days older than Obama. 
Interesting 51 also reminds me of the new Independence Day movie and Area 51. 
Independence Day=74
July 4th is 7/4
Died age 33. 
Oregon=74(Only state to do so)
Oregon the 33rd state. 

I just looked the movie up they even mention Back to Back when talking about it. 
Like I've said the Back to Back theme is also connected to things that don't involve sports, but interesting it falls in a year where Back to Back has been possible.  Especially considering the original Independence Day came out in 1996 that the NBA season has been connected to. 
Plus Will Smith one of the main actors, Will Smith the Fresh Prince who was born and raised in Philadelphia. Also the football player named Will Smith dying this year makes ya wonder what is up. 

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  1. You were wrong about Warriors Dan. Cant believe you missed the signs, it was so obvious