Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Game 5 NBA Finals. Civil War Theme/Royalty Lil Waynes emergency landing in Omaha. Philadelphia, Mark of the beast

So last night right as the game began the announcers told us the Cavs were wearing their Black Sleeved Jersey's again. 

Remember earlier in the season Lebron James ripped his sleeves? It just so happened to be the big game where he shot 9 of 23 I have mentioned all season.  
It was against the Knicks on 11-4. 
Lebron James=923(Jewish), 114(Simple)
It made the Cavs 4-1. 
Lebron and Irving scored 41 points too. 
Black Sleeved Jersey=66=Lebron=Charles
Black Sleeved Jersey=183(Simple)
Forty One=118, 46   
Interesting "Sacrifice"=46  Cavs in 46th season. 183 I mentioned in regards to 219 and 87. 8/7 the 219th days is the 183 days after Queen Eliz II's 64th anniversary as Queen.  8/7 is also 183 days before her 65th anniversary. 
13th prime numbers is also 41. 

 Of course it's Lebron's 13th season, but also if you watched the game last night you will see Tristan Thompson # 13  gets to the free throw line when Cavs had 13 points and missed both Free throws to keep them on 13 even. It was a hard foul by # 31 Ezeli even and they reviewed it leaving it on the 13 even longer.  

Forty One=118
Warriors defeated the Cavs by 34 on 1/18 which was 34 Cavs games after Lebron Ripped his sleeves game. I mention later how it's connects to Civil War. 
Civil War=43   Lincoln=34   Lincoln became the president on 3/4. Born on 43rd day of the year. Died 4 years 3 days after the beginning of the Civil War. Many many more. 
The English Civil War came to an end after the Battle of Worcester. 

Funny too how I mentioned all the stuff about Anderson Varejao and the 222 in my video yesterday.  11/4 to 6/13 is a span of 222 days. Also 7 months 9 days. 
Lebron Raymone James=79
Golden State=41=Kobe Bryant

The first tie of the game also came at 22 points. 
Twenty Two=165
June 13th the 165th day. 
Charles Stuart=165
King Charles I coronated on 2/2. 
Married his wife on June 13th. 
Her Bday is 165 days after June 13th and more. 
Oakland=22 (Where Warriors play)

Someone pointed out on Zach's Blog too in regards to the 41.  Dirk wears # 41. Dirk and the Mavericks defeated Lebron and the Heat in 2011 NBA Finals. Dirk also born on 6/19 which Game 7 falls on this year. It's also the Real King James I's birthday, of course Lebron James is King James. 
Mavericks=101, 38
Philadelphia=101, 65
Prince=38, 65
Game 5  Lebron was playing in his 38th finals game. 

In regards to Prince again, last night Andrew Bogut got hurt. 
Game 5 was 65 games after Draymond Green last missed a game. So he played 64 straight before being suspended.
Andrew Bogut=49=Warriors=Revelation=Dallas
Notice he was drafted to Milwaukee, like Dirk Nowitzki too. 
I mentioned in my post about Lil Wayne that it might be a bad thing he was leaving from Milwaukee and didn't make it to California. He landed in Omaha. Also the Bucks giving Warriors first loss breaking the streak like they did to the Lakers 44 years ago. 

 What's also interesting in regards to Mavericks and Lil' Wayne going to Omaha/ just like Obama did right after his final State of the Union. He also went to Baton Rouge, and Lil' Wayne is from Louisiana. 
Anyway Obama gave a speech at Baxter Arena which is home to the Omaha Mavericks. 
Baxter Arena=109
Omaha Nebraska=109
They made sure to let us know he came in on "Air Force One"=109
It was the same day the big Powerball was won in Chino Hills. 
"Chino hills"=109
Winning Powerball Ticket=109
All star game=109  Only back to back Mvp other than Westbrook was "Bob Petitt"=109  
Los Angeles California=109

During the English Civil War it was the Roundheads vs the Cavaliers. 
Notice in Game 4 the Cavs finished with 97 points. In Game 5 the Warriors Finished with 97 points. 
Civil War=97
There's been so much Civil War coding it's unbelievable. Think of the recent movies like Batman vs Superman, or Captain America Civil War. They even remade ROOTS..and much more. 
Also in regards to Lil' Wayne, remember he had the Video with the Skeletons in the Movie theater that came out just prior to the Batman Movie shooting? Think of the Theater shootings since and where Lincoln was shot... That song even released on 6/5 and peaked on the Charts at 38.  Prince=65, 38   It's so obvious. 
Trump said he was Batman at the Iowa state Fair and more..

Game 4 and 5 both connected to the 97.  Maybe nothing but the total score of both these games is 414.  Like the day Lincoln was shot.  "Back to Back"=414  and once again if you've watched these games, just listen to how many times they reference Back to Back. 
It's a reference to both teams as well. 

I said it's connected to Kobe Bryant as well. Kobe Tore his achilles vs the Warriors on 4/12/2013. It was the 152nd anniversary of the American Civil Beginning.  Kobe tore his achilles and still shot his free throws making the score 109-109 and more. 
Seventy Nine=152=Easter Sunday
This year on Easter Kobe started his 1,189th game matching the chapters in the KJV. Game on the 87th day of the year. It was also the 152nd day of the NBA Season. 
Lakers lost 101-88 making their Home record 10-27.  The season began on 10/27 which is also Philadelphia's 333rd anniversary. 
Philadelphia=101  Kobe originally from Philadelphia where the Fresh Prince is from. Kobe announced his retirement on the 333rd day of the year.  So much more just making a point it always seems to connect back to Philadelphia where the Warriors originally from. 
Earthquake=107=King Charles.   Before Kobe tied that game it was 107-109. 
Philadelphia Earthquake=109 =Charles Francis Richter
The American Civil War began in Charleston, SC which Ironically is where the worst ever East Coast Earthquake recorded was too. 
UNO also part of the University of Nebraska Lincoln System which of course connects to Abraham Lincoln. I've been mentioning this stuff for over a year now, with the All Star Game, Teen Wolf, Moses and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. 
Omaha even located on 41 N. 

Lincoln Nebraska=150, 60
Abraham Lincoln=60, 123 
Sixty=97=Civil War
One Hundred Twenty Three=109  
One Hundred Nine=150
Dallas Mavericks=150
The Undertaker=150 (Lebron just wore his shirt)
James Michael Mcadoo=150
Omaha Isis Attack=150
Game 7 also falls on Juneteenth the Celebration of Slaves being Free in Texas which is the 150th anniversary. 

End of the 1st quarter has a total score of 61. 
Civil War=43, 61, 97 

Warriors call a timeout with 1:31 left just after Curry hits a 3 to give them 61 points.  The Total Score 58+61=119
King James Bible=119  He died age 58. 
Sixty One=131=Championship=Prince Charles
They even joked about the Stat Guys during this. 
Stat Guys=132   

Bogut even gets hurt when score totals 131. 
64th prime number is 311 like I mentioned in my previous video. 
Stephen Curry=64 

Halftime Score even 61-61=122
Golden State=122  Yet they lost. 
They even scored 44 first and 55 first. It was a date numerology of 55 and 44 is a number they are connected to as well. 

The American Civil War began in 1861, Obama born in 61'. 
Thirty Four=61 (Mentioned in beginning)
Civil War=61(V exception)
Next game is on 6/16/16 and is the 168th day. 

Interesting I remembered that some people refer to the Mark of the Beast as 616 and not 666.  I found this article about Prince Charles 
It says his name adds to 666 in Hebrew and English which I am confused by, because I cannot get the same Values, but still worth pointing out. There's a bunch of articles about his coat of arms coinciding with Revelation. 
6/16 also just so happens to be Pope Francis' 3rd year 3rd month 3rd day as Pope.  Remember the NBA season began on Philadelphia's 333rd anniversary. Philadelphia where the Fresh Prince is from. 
The Fresh Prince=222    2/22 is 115 days before 6/16.
6/16 to 10/27(philly anniversary) a span of 133 days. 
Pope Francis became Pope on 13/3/13 or 3/13/13.  A lot like Half of 6/16/16. 
Also 4 months 11 days.   Assassin=411. 
Six Hundred Sixteen=87
Queen Elizabeth II=87, 168
The 168th day.  

The 616 instead of 666 comes from the Papyrus 115. 
Warriors lost 1 month 15th day of season, then lost on 2/19 on the 115th day of season. Curry hurt his knee on 115th day of year. 
Kevin Love=115
11/5 when the the plot to kill King James was thwarted. 

Interesting too, that Prince Charles may actually become King George VII instead of Charles III. 
George VII=61, 97=Civil War 

The 25th prime number is 97. 
Curry Finished with 25 points in Game 5. 
Lebron Finished with 25 points in Game 4. 
If Lebron loses Finals he will be 2-5 in the Finals. 
He shot 9 of 23 on 2/5 which was 132 days before 6/16. 
Lebron also broke 25,000 points on 11/2 against the 76ers. When he shot 9 of 19 just before shooting 9 of 23 against the Knicks. 

As I'm typing this I just remembered the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant where Steve Harvey messed up, almost like a switch in Power. I made a video on it talking about Prince Charles and Sandra Bullock being in Miss Congeniality. Bullock was also Scarlet Overkill in the Minions movie. That whole movie is about her plot to take Queen Eliz II's crown and become Queen herself. 
Scarlet Overkill=65, 182
Oliver Cromwell=182=Back to Back
Sandra Bullock even lives in New Orleans and is 51 years old. "Steve Harvey"=51, 150
English Civil War came to and end in 1651.  
The Crown she steals in the movie the St. Edwards Crown, that was made for King Charles II in 1661. 
The movie came out in America on July 7th.  10/7 
King Charles=107

Cleveland took their first lead making it 26-25=51
Amazing I even stopped the DVR at 2:33 which is the 51st prime too. Interesting with all the 51 around Cleveland. 

Warriors then retook the lead by scoring the 53rd point of the game. 
6/13 was also 53 days after the death of Prince. 
Everytime Warriors connected to Prince they lose.  They lost to Rockets on the day he died. He died age 57. They lost to Portland on 5/7.  
53 has been a bad number for them all season. 
Lost first game of season to Bucks on 12/12/20/15=59 making them 24-1.   "Fifty Three"=59, 122 
53rd prime is 241
Lost on 2/19 to the Blazers on their 53rd game. 
Picked up Varejao on the 53rd day of the year. Which was 112 days before they lost Game 5 to Cavs who scored 112. Prince died on 112th day.  Warriors home record in Playoffs is now 11-2. 
June 13th or 6/13    613 is the 112th prime. 
Funny that Draymond Green couldn't play in this game too. 
Draymond Green=71   71st prime is 353. 
If it goes to Game 7  Warriors would either be 12-2 or 11-3 at home. Draymonds last missed game on 1/13 Obama in Omaha that day. 
When Cavs took over the game the Warriors were stuck on 96 points forever.   The 96th prime is 503. 
I know there's more 53 stuff just can't think of it off the top of my head. 
Also in regards to Draymond Green, he was born on 3/4.  The last game he missed was on 1/13 the Warriors 39th game. 3/4 to 6/13 is 101 days or 3 months 9 days. 
1/13 to 3/4 is 51 days. 
3/4 also the 64th day of the year, Draymond played 64 straight games before having to sit out on 6/13. 

Livingston makes a huge dunk tying the game for a 2nd time. Go figure 38-38.  Notice Espn says it was with 9:23 left, yet if you watch the game it was not at this time. 

When Cavs up 52-50  Curry Throws a horrible pass to Klay Thompson and it's stolen by Irving for an easy layup making the total score 104.   Irving # 2  Thompson # 11  112 again. 

When total score was 171 the clocked stopped at 2:39 and Thompson missed both free throws again. 
English Civil War=171  
We are in the 239th year of the US.
King James=89=Religion 
Eighty Two=132, 51   1982 also 34 years ago. 
82nd prime is 421   like Queen Eliz II's bday and death of Prince. 
Lebron even scores his 38th point giving Cavs 97 points. This was just after Varejao became 2-5 at the free throw line. 

Warriors didn't score for almost 6 minutes when they had 96 points.   Varejao finally makes a free throw with 1:01 left giving them 97. 

Like I said before Game 5,  no matter if Warriors win  June 13th is still a significant day to the English Civil War stuff I've been mentioning. In regards to 165 though,  July 19th also leaves 165 days in the year. 19/7  Lebron=197 prince=197  Charles=207 "Two hundred Seven"=197 Also the 2nd day of the Republican National convention in Quicken Loans is on 19/7.  

It really doesn't matter who wins. Anyone who has been following this stuff can see the obvious scripting of these games. A ton of people have different opinions on what the exact meaning of it all is, but we all agree and have shown multiple pieces of evidence proving this. I predicted the rematch of the finals, and honestly if the Cavs come back and win I really do not care. It's hard to care when you know it's rigged. The same numbers and themes show up after I mention them, yet it doesn't always work out how I imagined it's supposed to. The English Civil War theme though is hard to let go of, considering Cavaliers lost the War, that had 3 parts to it. 
If it goes 7 games,  Game 7 would be on the 171st day of the year too. 
English Civil War=171  
So a perfect day to end on. 
Game 6 is on the 168th day of the year too. 
Game 6 also on a date numerology of 38 and 58
6+16+16=38   6+16+20+16=58
Prince=38   King James died age 58. 


  1. I think your GS pick is dead bro. Cle numbers line up nicely

  2. I have to agree with Mike. I think GS is dead. Game six on 168th day of the yr and Cleveland Cavaliers = 168. I cant see them lose on their home floor 2 yrs in a row. Also if you can accurately predict the winner then it shows some authenticity to your work. Its like being able to recite the alphabet but not know how to speak english. Doesnt do anybody any good. If you can't come to the correct conclusions then obviously you havent mastered gematria yet

    1. You may be right, but I have seen many teams lose on their number as well. Like how the Bulls lost this year to the Cavs on the 49th day. Chicago Bulls=49, yet they beat the Cavs on 4/9. I agree about picking the winner though, but the point is so many people right now are so obsessed with who is winning. Everyone saying Cavs hasn't mastered it yet either. Whether Warriors win or lose we have to take info from each other and learn from it and get better. I predicted last years Finals and the World Series, but I was wrong on the Superbowl using the same frame of mind and method. That's the whole point of showing both sides, to be able and look back at the info and see where we were right, and where we were wrong and not obsessing over who was right and who was wrong.

  3. The fact that the whole world is on Golden St in terms of betting tells me they will get upset. Casinos and TV networks will clean up with a game 7. It seems logical to have your star player, Lebron James win a 3rd title. I cant see the Vegas casinos getting thrashed

  4. I hope now you realize GS is done