Saturday, June 11, 2016

Chef Curry, Steph Curry's shoes story on Espn.

We got this article today about Steph Curry's shoes. 

All the 132 stuff I mentioned in regards to Warriors defeating the Cavs on 1/18 by 34.  They won 132-98.  Too much to retype. 

Chef Shoes=88   
Of Course it would. I'll explain more later.  Game 4 was all about 88 though, I just don't have enough time right now. 

The Shoes are being "Dubbed" you know like a Knight or Prince/King.  
Chef Curry=107=King Charles

They even mention how Curry scored 38 points last night. j

Last night's game was connected to 227 and 88. It was the 227th day of the NBA Season that began on 10/27/15. 
Interesting Game 5 is on June 13th or 13/6.  Which is 136 days before 10/27/16.   Or 4 months 14 days. 
Back to Back=414  
Warriors beat Cavs by 34 points on 1/18 which was 136 days before the Finals. 
Much more but I have to go do Karaoke in a few hours and don't have time to post all the other info. 


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