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Alligator drags 2 year old toddler into Lagoon Orlando Disney World

I'm just about to go to bed and I see this story on CNN. 
The writing in the story is so confusing, there is no way it's a real story.

A 2 year old attacked and dragged into a Lagoon at a Disney Hotel. I mean yeah right another story about Orlando? 

No one else was in the water at the time of the attack? Seriously who leaves a 2 year old in water alone? Not even the worst parents in the world would do that. 

Again they clarify the child was in the water. 

Then they let us know it's a Nebraska Family. Family of Four and of course let us know a 4 year old as well. 
I've just been posting about the connections to the Civil War and how Nebraska fits it, because of Lincoln and what not. 

Later they tell us the 4 year old was in a play pen far away from the Water. So the 4 year old was in  a play pen and the 2 year old just swimming by itself lol. No way. 

The article mentions "No Swimming"=136 multiple times. 
It was at a "Disney Hotel"=136 

Of Course a main witness was on Vacation with relatives from San Jose, CAlifornia=171=English Civil War. 
The team that just lost the Stanley Cup Finals. 

The tweet they show even at 3:13 am.  
Pope Francis became Pope on 3/13 and more. 
Whatever I got to go to bed, but had to post this story as it doesn't make that much sense.

So now that more details are added, I'm just adding more to the blog. So the Kids name is "Lane Graves"=104
This number is popping up everywhere. 
Lane Graves=41, 68, 104. 
Elkhorn located on 41N. 

The Family is from Elkhorn, Nebraska. Man I thought it was farther away in Nebraska. Elkhorn is basically Western, Omaha. 
The parents are "Matt and Melissa Graves"=223

Another thing that sticks out to me is the location is Lake Buena Vista, Florida. 

Buena Vista University is the college I received my Bachelors degree from.  In Storm Lake, Iowa. 
Buena Vista=114
Storm Lake=114
How fitting...

The fastest route to Elkhorn, Nebraka even goes through the town I live in. Also notice it's 134 miles. 
King Charles=134 
2 Hours 34 minutes.  The English Civil War began on the 234th day of the year. 

The Town I live in Dunlap, Iowa almost the exacty halfway point between the college and Elkhorn.  It even says Dunlap is 65 miles from Elkhorn. 
Notice it also says 1 hour 14 minutes. Pretty Strange considering the 114 before.   Lebron James=114 as well. 
Lane Graves=68 

Dunlap also responsible for the murder of the last keeper of the sacred Pole.  Chief Yellowsmoke of the Omaha Indians. 
Notice he was murdered in 1868.
Notice the King James Bible numbers?  1611, 1116.  
November 16th is 16/11 and the day Orlando Shooter Mateen was born. 
Dunlap, Iowa=116
Lane Graves dies in "Seven Seas Lagoon"=65

He died on 11/28/1868.  The 333rd day with 33 days left. 

The Indians were mad and going to massacre the whole town until the Masons wore their Masonic Outfits. The Indians somehow knew Masonic Signs and believed the Masons that the People who murdered him had fled town and weren't from Dunlap. 

The Battle of Buena Vista even came to an end on 2/23. 

The leader in the battle was the 12th president Zachary Taylor. 

Zachary Taylor=65   He dies age 65. The only president to die age 65 as well. Abe Lincoln died age 56 in 1965. 
 Seems fitting with all the Prince coding too. 
Kansas very important in the Civil War as it was the 34th and last state to join the Union. 
The Civil War came to an end in 1865 as well. 
Notice he dies on 7/9 or  9/7.    
Civil War=97
This Family being from Nebraska which also important to the coding of Civil War.  The boys Father even attended University of Nebraska Lincoln.  
Lincoln Nebraska=60
Abe Lincoln=60
Nebraska=71=Moses=The Ten Commandments

Because of the Battle of Buena Vista Taylor got inducted into the Society of the Cincinnati. Wow go back and read my post on Harambe the Gorilla in the Cincinnati Zoo. I talked about this, and how it was even founded on May 13th the day Youtube kept showing me by copyright claiming my videos. Think about the stories for a sec...Both involved a young child and a deadly animal. 

Taylor also the last president to own slaves, and the 2nd to die in office. 


Don't believe me that Zachary Taylor is connected? Look at the last person to die from an Alligator attack? It was on 6/5.  His name Richard Zachary Taylor even. Give me a break. 

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