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Magic Johnson Showtime Lakers 112, Lebrons 9 of 19 and 9 of 23 and connections to Sean Rooks death.

Today we get the story that Steph Curry just wants a Warrior to win the Finals MVP. 

Notice "Finals MVP"=112
Prince dies on 112th day, which was also Queen Eliz II's bday. 

Last year "Andre Igoudala"=112 came out of nowhere and wins the Finals MVP. 

A few days ago we got the story of Magic Johnson saying the Showtime Lakers would bea the Warriors. 

Curry hurt his knee against 
Houston=112  when the score was 56-56=112. 

Magic Johnson=56 and is 56 years old even. 

Earvin Magic Johnson=197
Two Hundred Seven=197

I've also mentioned how the series possible might end after Game 5 on June 13th.(6/13)   112th prime is 613. 

Today is 219 days after 11/2. See my previous videos and post. The 219 is super special as of late. 
2/19 even 104 days before the Game 1 where the Warriors scored 104 points. 
Back to Back Championships=219

Today is 219 days after 11/2. 
Remember Lebron shot 9 of 19 on this day and 9 of 23 on 11/4 the next game against the Knicks. I made a video on this because these numbers were special to Pope Francis Visit to the US.  He first went to Cuba on 9/19(262nd day)  then US on 9/22(his 923rd day as Pope)  He went to the White House on 9/23 and 9:23am. 
Lebron James=923(Jewish)  It connects to the Philadelphia trainwreck on May 12th 2015 that happened at 9:23. Lebron in the movie Trainwreck where Amy Schumer is 9 years old in the opening scene and the rest of the movie is 23 years later. 
Pope Francis=122
Golden State=122
Obama went to Cuba 26 weeks  2 days after Pope.  Gay Marriage Legalized on 6/26.  Hillary Clinton wins Democratic Nomination 262 days after Pope goes to Cuba.  "Clinton"=262 
James Garfield Assassinated after being shot at a Train Station and died 79 days later on 9/19. Pope Francis turned 79 in 2015. 

Anyway look at the teams Cavs played on the games I'm talking about. 
Cavs beat the Philadelphia 76ers  107-100.
King Charles=107
Then beat the Knicks 96-86=182
Back to Back=69(simple)  182(Jewish)
Cleveland Cavaliers=69

The Knicks had a weird stretch of games this year with 107 points in them. The game against the 76ers was even reported 107-07 instead of 107-97. 

We just got the death of the 76ers Assisstant Coach Sean Rooks. 
Who dies just hours after a job interview with the New York Knicks. 

Of course he was born on 9/9 1969. 
9/9/15 Queen Eliz II became the longest reigning English/British Monarch ever.  Also 99 connected to deaths of Political figures/Presidents. 
Golden State Warriors=99
Also played college with the Arizona Wildcats, I've mentioned this Wildcat thing.  Luke Walton even played there, interesting they are both assistant coaches as well. 
He dies age 46. 
The Cavs in the 46th season this year. 
Superbowl 50 was the 46th modern era Superbowl.
His NBA debut on 11/7.
Sean Rooks=117
Muhammad Ali born on 1/17. 
Been seeing a lot of 117 lately but didn't write it all down. 
July First Two Thousand Sixteen=117. 
7/1 is the 183rd day this year with 183 days left. 
8/7 the 219th day connected to Pope Francis and Queen Eliz II. 
2/6(Queen anniversary to 8/7 is 183 days.  
8/7 to 2/6/17 is 183 days. 
World War Three=71
English Civil War=171
Much more like usual. 

As I was researching this I stumbled upon an interesting fact about King Charles I. 

His real name was "Charles Stuart"=165
Married his wife on 6/13(165th day)
A number Youtube showed me like crazy. 
As I think back about some of my old info, I remember I was talking about Back to the Future and why Doc Brown says "Great Scot". 
Charles I was born in Scotland, so possibly referring to him. 
Especially with the 131 stuff in Part III in regards to Prince Charles. 

He also died age 48 years 2 months 11 days. 
King James his father(Lebron) who plays for the Cavs who are followers of King Charles. 
Lebron's 9 of 23 game was 211 days before the Finals began. I mentioned a whole bunch of 211 around Lebron in some of my posts months ago. 

While I'm on it, I forgot to mention in regards to the showime Lakers that Klay Thompsons father played with them. 
Mychal Thompson=182
Back to Back=182(Jewish)
Oliver Cromwell=182(Took over after English Civil War)

Notice Mychal Thompson born exactly 306 years after Charles I was executed. 

Notice he's also from the Nassau, Bahamas that are named in honor of William III.  The guy who was responsible for overthrowing King James II(Charles I's 2nd son). 

I mean the Royal Family set this all up on purpose. Even naming the line of succession to fit the story. 
Queen Elizabeth II then Prince Charles then Prince William. 
Elizabeth I was Queen before King James I. 

He even has a street named after him that leads to Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre. 

His oldest son even made his Debut with the Cleveland Cavaliers. 
He got his nickname Sweet Bells after Walt Bellamy. 
Sweet Bells=122=Golden State=Pope Francis

Walt Bellamy dies on 11/2. 

The Showtime Lakers also came to End pretty much after Magic Johnson announced he had HIV and retired or the loss to the Bulls in the Finals in 1991 just before this announcement. 

He announced it on 11/7. 1991. 

The previous season that ends in 1991 was the Bulls first Championship, that beat the Lakers even. 
A lot of people point out that Lebron is more like Magic Johnson than Michael Jordan too. 
Before the 1991 Finals.  The Pistons had won Back to Back Championships. 
Chicago Bulls=112

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