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NBA Finals Game 1. 104 and it's connection to Back to Back 219. Garrison Keillor's 2nd Seizure Prince/Royalty Theme X/Civil War Theme

Last night's Game 1 of the NBA Finals had an interesting Final Score.  I'm going to show a bunch of the 219, 125, 104 and Back to Back theme stuff again, but like I've said my opinion is the Warriors, but the Back to Back does also have connections to the Cavs as well. 

Last night's game had an interesting Final Score.  The Total score 104+89=193.   
The 44th prime is 193. 
Warriors in 44th Season in Golden State. Kerr came back on 44th game of season, Warriors beat Bulls 44 Home Game Win Streak and more.. 
Of Course the Cavs finish with 89 points.  
King James=89=Religion
Only time in any game this season for the Warriors anyone scored 89 points was the Game on Christmas against the Cavs when Warriors won 89-83. 

Warriors win by Fifteen=65, 171. 
One more the Royalty references. 
English Civil War=171

Warriors score 104 points.  Now this is what really stands out to. 
First off..
One Hundred Four=78, 168 
Cleveland Cavaliers=69, 78, 168 
The 104 is connected to the Back to Back Theme though. 
Back to Back=69 

104 days before the Finals was 2/19. 

Yes the Warriors lost that game, but remember last year the Warriors lost to the Cavs 98 days before Game 1 that went to Overtime 98-98 with Warriors winning 108-100. 

Also interesting to point out if the Warriors win the Finals in 5 games this year it would be on their 104th game of the season on 6/13(165th day as Youtube was showing me). 
June Thirteenth=69=Back to Back. 

Another reason the 104 stands out to me is that Warriors broke the Bulls 72 wins and got their 73rd Win against the Grizzlies on April 13th.

The Grizzlies finished with 104 points on the 104th day of the year. 
Warriors became 73-9.   
131st prime is 739. 
Warriors scored 125 points. 
One Hundred Twenty Five=104 
Warriors win Back to Back Championships=314, 125
Notice above how the Portland Loss on 2/19 was also 3 months 14 days before the Finals.  3/14 was also 2 months 19 days before the Finals and Curry's 28th bday. Also the Kansas Amtrak Derailment. 

The Kansas Amtrak had 131 passengers. Remember too it was 32 injured so 99 were fine.   Golden State Warriors=99
The only other time Warriors scored 125 points like they did on their 73rd win was against the Pelicans on 3/14. 

Also remember the Warriors won first game of the season against the Pelican's with 111 points.   "The NBA Finals"=111  It was 219 days before Game 1 of the Finals. 
Also we've had the Death of New Orleans sports players Will Smith and Bryce Dejean-Jones.  Jones death all about Iowa State Cyclones from Ames, Iowa.  Then Game 7 of OKC vs Warriors Harrison Barnes who is from Ames, Iowa lost his starting spot to Igoudala. Of Course Will Smith dies on 4/9.  Warriors=49   Originally from Philadelphia. Will Smith Actor is from "West Philadelphia"=168=Cleveland Cavaliers and is the Fresh Prince. 
Amtrak=222=The Fresh Prince

Only other time Warriors scored 125 points this season was right after blowing out Cavs on 1/18 by 34.  It was 34 games after Lebron Shot 9 of 23 too.  In Game 1 of 2016 Finals Lebron made 9 shots scoring 23 points. 
Anyway notice the Bulls score 125+94=219 Game on 1/20. 
King William=120
Interesting too Cavs game on 1/18. Total Score 132+98=228
Death=118, 228   It was 136 days before Game 1. 
Game 5 will be on 13/6. 

44 days after 2/19 Warriors beat Portland 136-111. Even got their 69th win.  Back to Back=69
They also played on 3/11.  Remember the whole Varejao thing is connected to Portland who dropped Varejao and Warriors picked him up on 2/22.  18 days before they played Blazers, Varejao wearing # 18. A former Cavalier who played 31 games for the Cavs then picked up 31 days after Kerr came back to replace the Injured # 31 Ezeli who missed 31 games. Also Ezeli came back against Portland on 4/3. The same day as the Chester Amtrak Derailment. 

The only only time 125 scored in games with Warriors was against Portland in the Playoffs on Curry's comeback game and Game 6. Notice Warriors won with 132 point just like when they beat the Cavs on 1/18.  
One Hundred Thirty Two=104, 266 (Pope and 9/23)
May 11th was the 132nd day of the year. 

The only other regular season 104 games with Warriors were against "Suns"=73 on 2/10. Which is also 113 days before the Finals.  Varejao connected to 113.  
Stephen Curry=73  Wears #30  113 is 30th prime. 
Other time with 104 was against Twolves on 3/21. Which was 73 days before the Finals. 
The last time Warriors had a 104 was Game 1 against Houston. There was a power outage and a green screen at some interesting times and scores. Warriors won 104-78=182
Back to Back=182(Jewish)    
Warriors Rockets Game 1 Power Outage and Green Screen

Memphis also the team Warriors beat by 50 this year and they scored 69 points.  Back to Back=69

May 26th leaves 219 days in the year.  Warriors made 3 game comeback against OKC starting this day. Warriors won 120-111. 

The Cavs have had the a lot of 9/23 connections this year unlike last year when I saw them for the Warriors. 
Cavs beat Toronto 122-100  on 1/4 which was 104 days after Pope Francis Arrived in the US. 
Toronto and Drake connected to All Star Week and Back to Back. 
Cavs got record became 23-9 after the win. 
Golden State=122

It even says the Cavs took over when Jr Smith broke a 69-69 tie. Then Cavaliers used a 21-9 Run to open up some distance. 
I mean even that game connected to Warriors. 

We got this story earlier today on 6/3. 

Notice how they tell us Back to Back? I mean this phrase has been being used so much lately. Even as I was reading this article the tv mentioned Back to Back. 

Totally out of context too. It was advertising Winsanity and Family Feud and it said Back to Back.  How does that even make sense? If it were the same show it would make sense but 2 different shows and they use Back to Back? 

So this guy just had a 2nd seizure is what the story was about.  Notice he's 73 years old and born on 8/7. 

August 7th is the 219th day, so fitting they would used back to back in the article. Also leaves 146 days a number connected to Pope Francis/Trump/Philadelphia. 
Remember last year's NBA Finals connected to the Philadelphia Trainwreck on 5/12.   Which was 87 days before 8/7. 
5/12 also 219 days before Pope Francis' 79th bday. 
8/7 was 219 days before Popes 3rd anniversary on 3/13. 

He played Back to Back at Wolf Trap National Park. 

Most known for A Prairie Home Companion. 

Also 2/18 is the 49th day of the year. 
Warriors=49=Chicago Bulls 

Interesting too this guy is from Minnesota which just reminds me of Prince yet again.  It says he then went to Atlanta for a show at Fox Theater. 
Atlanta=69=Back to Back

Fox Theater=122=Golden State=Pope Francis
Also it's 732(English)
King James=732 

The article also mentions his previous stroke. 
Stroke=88, 528=Purple=King Kong=Obama Out 
and more. 

This Story comes 65 days before his birthday. 

He's also from Anoka, Minnesota. 
It says it's known as the "Halloween Capital of the World". 
Remember Lebron was Prince on Halloween last year. Kevin Love was Jackie MOON, and Prince death connected to Moons/Blood Moons. 

This Article comes 7 months 3 days later. 

The Simpsons also make fun of him in episode 87. So they make fun of the guy born on 8/7.  Season 5 Episode 6..The 56 or 65. 
Interesting it aired on 11/4 too.  "Lebron James"=114.  He shot 9 of 23 on 11/4. 

Marge on the Lamb=132
The 104 reference. 

Also he was the voice of Walt Whitman in the PBS series "The Civil War". 

Notice his Jewish Gematria is 2109. Similar to the 219. 
Also 144.  Forty Four=144  April Fourth=144 
Last 144 digits after the Decimal in Pi sum to 666. 
Mark of the Beast=144
Three Hundred Sixscore and Six=133, 313
Pope Francis became Pope on 3/13/13. 
Notice too that this Documentary aired 9/23 to 9/27 1990.  
Almost exactly the dates Pope Francis came to America. 

Lot's of Civil War coding in the past year or so too. I've mentioned the X Theme since Superbowl 50 just clicked in my head the Confederate Flag with the X on it as well. 

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