Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Drake loses 60K to French Montana betting on Warriors.

Drake loses 60K to French Montana betting on the Warriors. 
French Montana=404
Pope Francis=404
Arrived in the US at 4:04
404 verses in Revelation. 
Prince Charles=404
Queen Camilla=404

Go Figure he lost 60k. 
Sixty K=108=Golden State Warriors


  1. Dan what did I tell you weeks before? I told you to look into Champions League which was tied to the Warriors. Real=216,36 for Real Madrid.....Who won a championship on the same year the Cavs went to the finals in 2007.

    First it isn't about the coding dude ok? Is that what you think it is all about the Coding? Oh lord. You really thought Lebron would do Space Jam 2 after losing the finals? How about the lifetime deal with nike 500+ Million I REPEAT 500+ MILLION IS ON THE LINE. DID YOU REALLY THINK VEGAS WAS GOING TO RETURN BILLIONS AND LOSE MONEY? Because if Vegas Lost........that 3-1 comeback for OKC would have been for nothing. Essentially Vegas would have lost millions or billions and then with Nike and Space jam 2?There was no coding for the warriors. The 73-9 record was a clue For the Cavs because they ended with 73 wins come on now. 73 equals Sacrifice come on now.There were people saying PRINCE WAS CONNECTED TO THE WARRIORS? I mean he died at 57.......Cavs had 57 wins......?

    Brother Berg this is all you do is go off numbers. Are the Cavaliers or Order of the Cavaliers not considered Royalty? That fits with The Royalty theme perfectly. Come on King James.......Crown =73....All you have to do is follow the money. That is the only thing I did before I got into this numbers shit and the first fucking time I got something wrong was that UNC shit because I followed Zachs bullshit. When Villanova won vs Kanas my intuition told me it was for them......Saying I stole work which is funny because on a Sports sheep forum I told people Panthers would lose to the Falcons because too much money was on the line and the Falcons got blown out previous match.It's easy predicting this sports shit stop trying to make it more complex then it is.Follow the Storyline, Money I repeat MONEY BECAUSE THIS WAS THE HIGHEST BET NBA FINALS IN HISTORY MONEY!

    Also regarding the 923 connection. See because I was listening to your videos and you mention Curry and Clay had the 923 LAST YEAR....ok what happened Last Year? Ok Now this year Lebron gets 9/23.......and the Warriors don't?? Was that to simple for you? I told you repeatedly in the comments and your blog that but you don't want to listen.


    Now it's the Opposite and Lebron gets 9/23? Lebron James =923 which I guess doesn't mean anything lol

    Geez I hope you change your methods and actually listen to people who know what they are talking about.


    But people want to take credit for what I do because they are either trying to cause division or put A WHOLE NBA SEASON WHICH IS 8 MONTHS COUNTING THE PLAYOFFS of Work and someone with 4-6 Years of experience in Gematria and they don't know who the fuck is going to win by Game 6?

    8 Months of research and you don't know who the fuck is going to win? All I did was Connect a soccer game to basketball LOL. Berg try responding because I've shouted you out like I promised you.

    I appreciate the time you put in but try listening more often. It was the same thing with NFL playoffs and Kansas to.

    I'm trying to help you from committing the same mistakes.

    I am out here putting 5k subs and my channel on the line because I promised I would delete it If the Warriors lost and telling people to bet on it.

    SMH pEace

  2. I"m not Brother Berg, he is ExtraCapsa, just letting you know again. I never disagreed with you at all man. I never did ever. I've been doing this for a couple years now and after getting multiple things right, I missed the Superbowl. I used the same method every time, and after missing the Superbowl I wanted to really break it all down. I made the Warriors prediction, I tried my ass off to stick with it but it was difficult with so many people being mad about it. I was never lying to anyone, that's why I posted all the Cavs info as well. I was trying to better understand the system by looking far into it, and my opinion was wrong on the winner. I said this in multiple videos, that I didn't care who wins, I'm trying to put info out to examine it. "Stephen Curry"=73 yet he won last year. So why doesn't he lose every time? You see what I"m saying? There's a lot to think about in regards to it. I mean the Red King in UFC lost to Stephen Thompson just before Game 7. Why did the Cavs lose on 5/7 to the Bulls in 1989 after winning 57 games? Jordan scored 44 points that connected to the Warriors even. There is a ton of factors. I know you know this. I just don't think you have ever listened to what I was saying in my videos. In all honesty I was shocked when I seen Zach Made a video about you. I never told him to do so, or promote me at all. I never try to be a dick to anyone, but it seems that way now. I'm sorry for real. I'm just trying to put info out, so we can master the system. If you truly think you mastered it then alright dude. I honestly do not think you have at all, but I'm still here and listening. I've never been a person to just believe what someone else tells me. I always listen and take the info provided, but I base my own opinion on a mixture of info which is why I don't always agree with Zach even. I'm not trying to gain fame off of this shit by any means, I'm just trying to do my part. It really doesn't do any good to just downright agree with you or anyone when I can show other things that may disprove it. You see what I am saying? I mean no disrespect at all, but I feel like you are mad at me, because you haven't been listening to what I am presenting.

  3. I for one appreciate everyone's different attempts to figure out what's going on. No one is going to get it 100% right all the time, anyone who says they do is full of themselves. No matter how good you think you are, you can always miss something. People disagree about predictions and about HOW to get predictions and that's fine, I just take in all the information and try to pick the best out of it.
    Even though I disagreed with you Dan about Warriors winning, I still listened to your information because you made a lot of great connections which were helpful in understanding. And as you said, it's not all about predicting winners, it's about understanding what is going on in the world.