Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Darren Collison arrested another Purple Jersey Domestic Violence. Teen Wolf UCLA Shooting

We get the Story of yet another Athlete arrested for Domestic Violence. 
Of Course Collison plays for the KINGS in light of all the Royalty stuff I keep mentioning. 
What really stands out to me is that the uniforms are Purple. 

Remember Adrian Peterson in trouble for beating his son. Played for a Purple team. 

Also Ray Rice punched his fiance on the ELEVATOR, played on the Purple team. 

Prince(Singer) all about Purple and dies on the Elevator. 

Darren Collison=69
Back to Back=69
Cleveland Cavaliers=69

Collison is 28 years old. 
28th prime is 107.
King Charles=107
Twenty Eight=57
Fifty Seven=131=Prince Charles=Championship
Isn't it a bit strange too that he was drafted by the New Orleans Hornets.  We just had the death of Will Smith the New Orleans Saints player and Bryce Dejean-Jones the New Orleans Pelican Player. 
Collison also played 4 years at UCLA. 

Now today 1 day later we get a story of a UCLA shooting. 

UCLA Professor=168
Cleveland Cavaliers=168
Queen Elizabeth II=168
Also "UCLA Professor"=60, 69, 78 (small way)

I've been talking about UCLA for a long time. It's very connected to many of the themes that have been used. 
In 2015  Russell Westbrook won the NBA All Star game MVP and Zach Lavine won the Slam Dunk Contest and did the Space Jam Dunk.  He was 19 at the time so a Teen Wolf as he played for the T-wolves.  Andrew Wiggins his teammate another Teen Wolf won the Rising Star Challenge MVP.   OF course this year Lavine and Westbrook won Back to Back, but Lavine also won Rising Star Challenge MVP.  Interesting Curry lost 3 point contest to his teammate Klay Thompson this year too. 

Westbrook and Lavine both played at UCLA. I mentioned how Kevin Love and Westbrook both wear # 0 like the Monstars in Space Jam.  The Warriors were 1 of the few teams to make the playoffs with a # 23(Like Jordan) and no # 0 on their team. 

I also mentioned how in the movie Teen Wolf that is not Set/Filmed in Nebraska has Nebraska Cornhusker signs in multiple places of the background of the movie.   Cornhuskers play in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Abe Lincoln.. the Civil War...There's even a scene when he turns into the wolf, he joins the school play about the Civil War. 
The mascot used in the movie is the Beavers and it's based on Oregon State's mascot the Beavers.  Nebraska's new coach last year was Mike Riley who came from Oregon State. I knew Nebraska was going to have  a bad season when Dean Jones the actor from Herbie: The Love Bug died on 9/1 just before Nebraska's first game. Nebraska's mascot is Herbie Husker.  Nebraska finished the regular season 5-7 and then somehow was awarded a Bowl game. They played UCLA in the Foster Farms Bowl in Levi's Stadium where Superbowl 50 was. Nebraska won 37-29.   UCLA=37
Nebraska Cornhuskers=222
Abraham Lincoln=60
Lincoln Nebraska=60

Michael J Fox turns 55 years old 6/9 too. 
Back to the Future III goes back 131 years. The use train # 131 to come back 10/27/1985 when the train destroys the time machine. 
Prince Charles=131  
NBA Season began on 10/27/2015  same day World Series began. Royals won this year just like 1985.  That's why I knew SB 50 was probably connected to Back to the Future too. 
Philadelphia became 333 years old that day.  

Kevin Garnett was also the first ever Teen Wolf as she went there out of High School.   
Moses Malone=60 was the first player out of HS to play in ABA,
Darryl Dawkins the first player of out HS to play in NBA dies age 60. 
Kevin Garnett's 1st season he wore # 21.  Flip Saunders who died this year age 60  became the head coach of Twolves that season on the 21st game of the season. The Twolves finished 12th in the West and won 21 games. Garnett left after 12 seasons, then Saunders dies just before the start of Garnett's 21st season.   
So much more...
Tyronn Lue also a Nebraska Cornhusker.
I really should go back and watch my youtube videos and transfer the info to this blog as well. 

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