Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Obama Goes off on Trump 104 Royalty theme

Today June 14th 2016 we get Obama calling out Trump again. 
Notice the headline has gematria of the 104 I keep mentioning in regards to the NBA. This comes after the shooting in Orlando. 
That now they are saying killed 49 people and injured 53.  
10/4 also interesting in regards to Obama. October 4th leaves 88 days in the year. It's also the day the Julian Calendar came to an end in 1582.  Then the Gregorian Calendar started on 10/15/1582. 
So we are in the 433rd year.   
433 is the 84th prime number. 
Born on 8/4.
Eighty Four=134=King Charles III

I didn't take a screen shot of it, but the article was originally headlined as "Obama goes off on Trump"=222, 87
Both Numbers I mentioned in my previous few posts/videos. 
Game 5 was even 222 days after Lebron ripped his sleeves off and shot 9 of 23. 
87 goes with the 219 and more. 

Today is 134 days before Hillary Turns 69 years old. 
King Charles III=134

Of Course they give us this video along with it. Obama doing his famous V tear wipe again, like he did in Omaha and his state of the Union.  Video is 2:34.  English Civil War began on 234th day of the year. 
Today is also Donald Trumps 70th bday and Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope. 
June Fourteenth=65=Prince=Philadelphia
14/6  a number I've also mentioned connected to Philadelphia. 
Allen Iverson=56, 146
Larry Brown=56, 146 


  1. What is the connection between Charles Barkley and this years NBA finals - I noticed he has been saying Cavs will win and his name "Charles" like King Charles the son of King James

    1. " sir Charles" is his nickname

    2. I've mentioned him a bit before, can't remember everything. Sir Charles=112 though. Which is connected to the death of Prince and more. Barkley born on 51st day of the year. Cleveland=51=Cleveland Cavs=Lebron James=Quicken Loans, and if you take away Stipe Miocic Cleveland hasn't won a sports championship in 51 years. Barkley also drafted and wore # 34 with the Philadelphia 76ers. Civil War=34, Philadelphia where the Fresh Prince is from.