Thursday, June 16, 2016

Craig Sager to join Broadcast team for Game 6

Craig Sager gets to join the broadcast team for Game 6. 

Notice it's 87 days after he announced he had Cancer again. 
Just really interesting with how many times I keep mentioning this number lately. 
Queen Elizabeth II=87, 168
Tomorrow is the 168th day of the year. 

If you got to 8/7 it's a span of 52 days. 
Craig Sager=52, 61, 88. 
8/7 the 219th day of the year. 
Back to Back Championships=219
Warriors have 88 wins this season. 
Civil War=34, 61, 97

Sager a 34 year veteran. 

Interesting too that Game 6 is 13 days before his 65th bday. A lot of 13 involved in Game 5. Draymond played 64 games in a row before missing Game 5. Bogut=65 got hurt when Warriors had 64 points. 
I've also been mentioning how there's something to do with Wildcats. It says he was Willie the Wildcat in College. 

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