Monday, June 13, 2016

Lil Wayne Emergency Landing in Omaha

Lil Wayne has to make emergency landing in Omaha today because of a seizure.  Doesn't this automatically make you think of just before Prince died?  He had to make the emergency landing as well. I know Lil Wayne is known for seizures and this is not his first emergency landing from it.  I just find this interesting because the death of Prince happened in a similar way. 

Notice he's 33 years old as well. 33 a number often seen with Sacrifice. 
Lil Wayne=101(Simple)  Philadelphia=101
I find it also interesting he turned 33 on the same day Pope Francis was in Philadelphia. 
Also from New Orleans, which has been a place connected to multiple celebrity deaths this year. 

His real name is Dwayne Carter Jr=165
Today is the 165th day of the year. 

The last album he put out was on 11/26/2015. 
No Ceilings Two=165

Track 2 is even a Remix of Drake's Back to Back.  Which is also 3:11.  Read my previous post I mention both 165 and 311 113 a bunch. 

I also find it as no coincidence that Obama went to Omaha just after his State of the Union this year. He went to Omaha on 1/13, the last time Draymond missed a game that day as well. Notice He also went to Baton Rouge, Louisiana? Seems a bit strange Lil' Wayne is from Louisiana and emergency lands in Omaha now. 
Baton Rouge, Louisiana=219=Back to Back Championships
1/13(Omaha) to 6/13 is 152 days.  
Easter Sunday=152
Seventy Nine=152 Pope Francis is 79 and more. 
I mentioned 87 in the last post as well in regards to the 219.  
8/7 is the 219th day and more. Easter was on the 87th day in 2016. 
1/14(Baton Rouge) to 6/13 is 151 days. 
Donald Trump 70th bday tomorrow.  He's 15 years 51 days older than Obama. 
Queen Victoria died 51 years 15 days before Queen Eliz II became Queen. 
Pope Francis turned 15 in 1951. 
Philadelphia=101, 65
1951 was 65 years ago.
1915 was 101 years ago.   
Plus back in around the Superbowl posted a bunch of stuff with 151 in regards to Obama being assassinated. 

I find the amount of shares on this article pretty amazing as well. 
Maybe it's just me, but when I think of Lil Wayne I instantly think of Cash Money Millionaires and Hot Boys. 

Cash Money Millionaires=239, 104
Hot Boys=32, 104 
I mentioned 104 in the last few posts as well in regards to Back to Back Championships and the 219 as well. 

I've also mentioned though that the Cavs are connected to BAck to BAck. 
Back to Back=69=Cleveland Cavaliers. 
TMZ reports this article in the headline that Wayne was going from Milwaukee to California. 
The Milwaukee Bucks were responsible for giving Warriors 1st loss of the season breaking their 28 game win streak. They were chasing the Lakers streak from 44 years ago which was also broken by the Bucks. 
California=219  almost as if he didn't get to California to make the Back to Back? 
I guess we will see.


  1. Lil Wayne released a song called "off off off" prior to game 3 - kind of the opposite of 4,4,4 .... Also prince William is on the cover of a gay magazine called "attitude"