Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton Clinches Democratic Nomination 262 September 19th James Garfield 2/19.

Hillary clinches the Democratic Nomination today on 6/7.  
You have to love the Cnn headline. 
"The Struggle Continues"=262
Remember Pope Francis went to Cuba on 9/19 the 262nd day of the year. 
The Obama went to Cuba 26 weeks 2 days later. 

9/19 to 6/7  a span of 262 days.   Boy this seems familiar with my First Copyright Strikes ever on Youtube that told me 6/26 would be a significant date.  Of Course Obama sings Amazing Grace at Clementa Pinckney's Funeral that day and Gay Marriage Legalized. 
3/20(Obama Cuba) to 6/7 is 79 days. 
Remember James Garfield was shot 79 days before he died at a Train Station and he died on 9/19. 

It's also 104 days before 9/19. 
If you haven't check out my blog Post about Game 1 of the NBA Finals. It's all about the 104. The video I posted has a lot more info then what's on this blog. 104 is super connected to the 219 which has been everywhere the past few days. 
This year 9/18 is the 262nd day leaving 104 days left.  
Roger Goodell death hoax.  He was born on 2/19. 
Kimbo Slice Last fight on 2/19. 
Back to Back Championships=219
8/7 the 219th days. 
Queen Eliz II anniversary is 2/6. 
2/6/16 to 8/7 a span of 183 days. 
8/7/16 to 2/6/17 is 183 days. 
7/1 the 183rd day with 183 remaining this year. 
World War Three=71
Much more, but I gotta go to bed. Just wanted to point out the CNN headline with the 262 and why it's significant. 

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