Sunday, June 12, 2016

Draymond Green Suspended/VitalyzdTV streaks/ 161 104 923 Stepped Over Florida Night Club Shooting.

Draymond Green Suspended for Game 5.  How much more obvious can the rigging get? I mean Tyronn Lue the Cavs coach most people remember how he got stepped over by Allen Iverson. Now Lebron does it to Green. What a joke, I even mentioned this months ago. Anyway look at the Video Espn gives us. 
23 seconds long,  when it involved # 23 and # 23.  If you notice in the background too, #9 Fry is also guarding #9 Igoudala.   The 9/23.   9th prime is 23.

The Cnn article even shows us this picture. 
I mean there was a huge emphasis on people getting hit in the nuts in the playoffs too. You knew this was going to come back up on Draymond Green. 
When Lue got stepped over by Allen Iverson it was Game 1 of 2001 NBA Finals.  Lue(Lakers) lost game 1 107-101. 
Of Course  "Philadelphia"=101  
King Charles=107
But Lakers came back and won the series. 
Green got stepped over this time, so who knows just pointing it out. Lebron lost the game so maybe a comeback, but I'm staying with Warriors. 

When the the score was 96-88  Warriors winning a Streaker ran onto the court. 
Streaker=97   Cavs finished with 97 points.   There was also 1:12 left in the 4th.   
I just talked about all the 112's and Prince dying on 112th day. 
A whole lot more see my last videos/post. 
Notice it says "Trump Sucks" on his stomach. 
Trump Sucks=161
He's actually a famous youtuber with a Channel called "VitalyzdTv".
Warriors win Back to Back Championships=161
As I'm writing this up, I see on CNN today 6/12 we got a
 "Florida Nightclub"=161  shooting. 
Orlando Magic=112=Chicago Bulls=Wardell Stephen Curry II=Andre Igoudala=Showtime=Finals Mvp
One Hundred Sixty One=239 

Draymond hasn't missed  a game since the loss to the Denver Nuggets on 13/1 or 1/13.   "Championship"=131
Denver Nuggets=161
Game 5 will be exactly 5 months after this game. 
Five Months=131=Championship
The game on 1/13 was also the Warriors 39th game of the season. That means Game 5 will be the 65th game after.  
Prince=65=Philadelphia.  In regards to the Orlando shooting today as well...Orlando Bloom turned 39 years old on 1/13. 
He's even Paris in the movie Troy. 
Orlando Bloom=136   June 13 is 13/6. He's even used to be married to a girl named Miranda Kerr. 

I'm assuming Game 5 will be the big Varejao game I've been waiting for lol. We will see, but notice the score of the Nuggets game 112-110=232. 
Paris Terrorists Attacks=232
Prince Charles dies June Thirteenth Two thousand Sixteen=232
Kansas Amtrak derailment on Pi day...
Warriors beat Pelicans on Pi days.  125-107=232  
Varejao picked up on 2/22 which was 3 months 11 days before the Finals. He was picked up because the Blazers dropped him. Warriors play Blazers for first time with Vareajo on 3/11 which was 2 months 22 days before the Finals. 
Also 2/22 to 6/13 is a span of 112 days. 
Amtrak=222   remember on Pi day there was the Kansas Amtrak Derailment and Warriors beat Pelicans with 125 points. 
2 months 19 days before the Finals  
Back to Back Championships=219
Warriors lost to Portland before picking up Varejao on 2/19. 
Steph Curry wears # 30.   30th prime is 113
Michael Jordan=113
Kobe Bryant=113

2/19 to Game 1 was 104 days. The Warriors beat Cavs with 104 points. 
Warriors got 73rd win against "Grizzlies"=131 on the 104th day of the year with a score of 125-104. 
One Hundred Twenty Five=104
Warriors record was 73-9.   131st prime is 739. 
Only other time in regular season Warriors scored 125 points was against the Bulls on 1/20.  125-94=219. 

One thing that makes me question all of this though is that 
"One Hundred Four"=168=Cleveland Cavaliers. 

McAdoo was also put in the game instead of others in Game 4 which gave him his first minutes in the Finals. 
McAdoo born on 1/4 and is 23 years old. 
He played for North Carolina just like Harrison Barnes, they were even played together.
Barnes connected to the recent death of Bryce Dejean Jones. 
Harrison Barnes=161
I made a post a while back about Elton Brand Coming out of retirement to play for the 76ers on 1/4 this year as well.  
Elton Brand=42  wore # 42. Came out of Retirement 4 months 24 days after retiring on 8/11  the same day Flip Saunders announced his cancer. 
Brand was drafted by the Bulls in 1999 the same year Fred Hoiberg the Bulls current coach went to the Bulls. Hoiberg the former Iowa State Coach/Bryce Dejean Jones/Harrison Barnes
Bryce Dejean Jones=65=Iowa State Cyclones=Prince
Bulls lost 65 games that season. 
McAdoo's bday also the same day Cavs beat Raptors 122-100=222.  Golden State=122    Raptors the host of all star week with the Back to Back theme...Drake has the Back to Back song. Cavs record became 23-9. 
Elton Brand born on 3/11. 
Brand wasn't activated until 1/26 and didn't play until 3/4. 
38 days   Prince=38  Curry even scored 38 in game 4. 
1/26 to 6/10 was 136 days. 
Remember the Warriors beat the Cavs by 34 points on 1/18 or 136 days before the Finals. 
Game 5 on June 13th or 13/6. 
Youtube told me about this day by copyright striking my videos about 22 Jumpstreet.  Twenty Two=165, I put a video up about it 165 days later on 11/25.  June 13th the 165th day this year.
Basketball=22    King Charles I coronated on 2/2.  Cavs are followers of him. He married his wife on June 13th, she was born on 11/25. Youtube gave my video a strike 165 days after my bday. 
Charles real name was "Charles Stuart"=165
Game 5 of the Series will be the Warriors 104th game of the season and Cavs 101st game.    "Philadelphia"=101
Cavs have King James, but the real King James died in the year 1625. 
Lebron Scored 25 points in game 4.
If Lebron loses he will be 2-5 in the Finals. 
On 2/5 Lebron Shot 9 of 23 and Cavs lost to Celtics 104-103. 
Probably why they had 25 threes in a game record. 
Last night Jalen Rose made a big deal about the number 52 at halftime. They showed a stat of Klay and Curry having 25 points. Jalen said Halfway to 52, that's my number 52.   25/52   
Warriors hadn't lost a game on 52 numerology all season. They even beat the Cavs on 12+25+15=52  
Christmas 168 days before Game 4 where "Cleveland Cavaliers"=168 lost. 

Cavs also lost 1st game of season on 10+27+15=52 to the Chicago Bulls.  They also lost to the Bulls on Tyronn Lue's first game. 
So Blatt and Lue both lose to Bulls first game they coach this season. 
Blatts loss to Lue's loss a span of 2 months 27 days. 
Game 4 was on the 227th day of the NBA Season. 
227 the 49th prime number.  Warriors=49=Revelation
Cavs only won 1 of 4 games against the Bulls this season. They won on 2/18 the 49th day of the year.  And lost on 4/9. 

They also showed a stat last night that teams that are down 3-1 in the Finals are 0-32 in winning. 
Cleveland=33  and if they lose it will be 0-33. 
If they win however it would be 1-32  which is interesting because Warriors beat them 132-98 on 1/18 that was 136 days before Finals. 

So today we also got this mass shooting in Orlando. 

Notice it's 50 people killed 53 injured.  So a total of 103 victims. 
Omar Mir Seddique Mateen=103(Shooter)  
Omar Mir Seddique Mateen=229(Simple)  229 the 50th prime and he kills 50 people. 
We just got the Death of Christina Grimmie in Orlando 2 days ago as well. 
103 and 104 seem to very significant to the Finals. 

Espn gave us this video of Lebron hearing what Klay Thompson said about him getting his feelings hurt. Notice it's 1:03. 
Lebron doesn't comment and says, he is just taking the higher road, he's been taking the higher road for 13 years. 
"The High Road"=103
"Taking the high Road"=165
Game 5 on the 165th day and so on that I mentioned earlier. 

Thirteen Years=923=Lebron James 
James McAdoo's birthday on 1/4 that I mentioned previously was also 103 days after 9/23. 

Remember the Cavs beat Toronto on this day making their record 23-9 too. 
A while back I mentioned how Jason Richardson also retired on 9/23/15.  
He was 1 of the 4 Back to Back Slam Dunk Contest Winners like Zach Lavine this year. Others were Jordan and Nate Robinson. 
Jason Richardson=69, 168=Cleveland Cavaliers
He was drafted by the Warriors and won his back to back slam dunks as a Warrior.    
He even wore # 23 for the Orlando Magic in light of Lebron/Green/Orlando Nightclub. 
He also retired with the 76ers after last season 2015. 

If The Series this year goes to 7 games, it will also be the Cavs 103rd game of the season. Game 5 However is the Warriors 104th game.  Game 5 also the 101st for Cavs which is the Philadelphia connection. 
If you notice in the picture above too, Lebron is wearing an Undertaker shirt. 
The Undertaker is known for The Streak at Wrestlemania. 
The Streak=107=King Charles
A lot more with Undertaker as he's 51 and all the connections to Cleveland.  
His current Wrestlemania record is 23-1.  "Two Hundred Thirty One"=104   He beat "Shane McMahon"=114=Lebron James this year in Wrestlemania 32.   Interesting next year Wrestlemania is in Orlando on 4/2.  Lebron James=42
WM32 was on 4/3/16.  Same day as Chester Amtrak Derailment, but also same day Ezeli came back for the Warriors. They defeated the Blazers 136-111 getting their 69th win. 
Back to Back=69=Cleveland Cavaliers....13/6.  
Ezeli and Vareajo all about the # 31. 
Thirty One=134=King Charles III

Anyway in regards to Orlando and Varejao. 

He was originally drafted by Orlando, but then traded to Cavs before the season began in 2004-2005.

Cavs lost first game of season his first year scoring 104 points.

Cavs also won the last game of their season that season scoring 104 points. 
11/3 to 4/20 s span of 168 days. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=168=Queen Elizabeth II
6/13 or Game 5 is 107 days before Varejao's 34th Bday. 

Also in regards to Draymonds only missed game this year on 1/13. Curry scored 38 points, just like he did in game 4. 
1+13+20+16=50  A lot like the amount of people who died today in Orlando. 
The major game I have mentioned is the 2/19 game with the Blazers which connects to Back to Back Championships and Varejoa.  2/19 the 50th day of the year. 
219 also connected to Pope Francis and the date 8/7 as it is the 219th day of the year. 
In regards to King James, the real King James I died on the 87th day of the year. He was born on what would be game 7 this year on 6/19. It will be 450 years, but right now it's still 449 years.   449 is the 87th prime number.  Guy Fawkes who tried to kill him, was arrested 87 days before they executed him. 
King James became the King after Elizabeth I.  He became King because she didn't have any children so it went back to Henry VIII's sister "Margaret Tudor"=161.  James is her great grandson.  Just go look at the lineage of these people. They all married their 1st cousins all the time. Anyway the reason I mention this is because I was re looking at Henry VIII's wifes.  One of them was Anne of Cleves. 
The shooter today in Orlando was Mateen, and it reminded me of former bball player Mateen Cleaves. 
Cleaves even reminds us of Cleveland. 

Mateen Cleaves played for the Cavs in 2004 which also just so happened to be Lebron's rookie season. 2003-2004. 
He previously played for the Sacramento Kings, I mean how fitting. 

He was even on the Michigan State team that beat FLORIDA in the 2000 NCAA Tournament. 
Michigan State won this game 89-76=165. 

Born on 9/7.  The Cavs just lost with a score of 97 points. 
Just seems a little strange that Draymond Green also suspended today and Green a former Michigan State Player as well, just like Magic Johnson who I mentioned in a previous post. 

This shooting also takes place at Orange Avenue. Just reminds me how King James II was overthrown by William of Orange. James II was Charles I's son who became King after Charles II. He was the last Catholic King. 

Of course they let us know it was gay Nightclub as well. 

It just seems funny to me that a Gay Bar gets shot up the night of the Tony Awards, which celebrate Broadway Acts. When I think of Broadway I think of Gay Actors. I know not all of them are gay, but Theatre seems to have a Gay Stigma to it. 

They were hosted by "James Corden"=107
Notice how he was born on 8/22 as well. The 234th day of the year, the day the English Civil War Began. 

Look at the list of nominations. What one do you see that really stick out?  Is it King Charles III? I think so. 

This play premiered on 10/4/14.  The 104 I keep saying is significant. 

This actor plays King Charles III. Notice how he was born on May 13th too. The day Youtube Kept Showing me. Also 134th day of the year.  "King Charles III"=134. He's 70 years old, it was the 70th Tony Awards, it's the 70th NBA Season. 

Doesn't this shooting just remind you a little bit of the Bataclan? 

Bataclan Theater=50  even on 50 Boulevard Voltaire. 
Superbowl 50 even on 38th day. Prince=38
Fifty Killed=56
Paris Francis=56  so many more...
They also reported it as earlier in the day
 "Fifty Dead"=80=King Charles III
Fifty Dead=44(Small Way) 
Orlando Florida=144
Forty Four=144 
Orlando=79=Lebron Raymone James
Pope Francis turned 79 years old  last year. Much much more in previous posts. 
Orlando Magic also the team who beat the Chicago Bulls in 1995 when Jordan 1st came out of retirement wearing # 45 for 22 games and switching back to 23 on his 23rd game back. Orlando got swept by Houston in the Finals though. Houston won Back to Back Championships. 
There's a lot of talk about a Game 7 in the NBA Finals which could be possible. It falls on King James Bday and what not. Just interesting the Headline tonight of the Hockey game. 

"There Will be no Game Seven"=239
A 2:39 Second Video. 
We are in the 239th year of the US. 
I mean why would they even write that in the headline? If they won why does it even matter about game 7? 
So who knows guess we will find out tomorrow if anything big happens or if Warriors win or not. I just can't get over the fact Youtube was showing me 165 in regards to my Prince videos and I've been covering the Royal Theme for a long time. Almost as if telling me something big in my research is set up for tomorrow. 


  1. Warrior #23 scuffles with Cav #23
    Twenty Three = 163
    The suspension comes on what is typically the 163rd day of the year.
    Fake = 23
    Duped = 23

    Flagrant Foul = 52
    Prophecy = 52
    Game 4 was on June 6, or 10/6. 106 = Prophecy
    6+10+20+16 = 52
    Groin Kick = 52 (Green kicked Steven Adams on OKC)

    Green drafted #35 overall.
    Suspended = 35
    FFP-One = 35 (Flagrant Foul Penalty One)

    Green born the 63rd day of the year.
    Groin = 63, 36
    Groin = 216 like the year, and Cleveland area code = 216
    6+1+0+2+0+1+6 = 16 (day of the punch)

    Green born March 4, or 3/4.
    Flagrant = 34

    The foul was described as "retailatory" and "unnecessary".
    Retaliatory = 144
    Unnecessary = 144, 1404
    Draymond Green = 71
    Seventy One = 144

    The day of the suspension was also the day of the Orlando shooting with 50 dead and 53 injured (supposedly).
    Flagrant One = 50, 500
    Death Hoax = 50
    Fifty = 66
    Lebron = 66

    1. Thanks man a lot of great info. I didn't realize Green born on 3/4 ha, so the last game he missed previously was 51 days before his birthday too. 3/4 was also the 64th day of the year. Draymond played 64 games before he had to sit out on June 13th. 3/4 to 6/13 is 101 days or 3 months 9 days. The game on 1/13 was the Warriors 39th game even. Awesome.