Saturday, May 1, 2021

Olympia Dukakis "Moonstruck" actress dead at 89 on 5/1


Olympia Dukakis who is famous for the film "MOONstruck" dies just after Michael Collins? 
She dies on 5/1...
You have to appreciate the article telling us that her brother "Apollo" announced the death. 
Apollo...Moon Mission...Apollo 11
Her parents must have loved the Olympians.....naming her Olympia and her brother Apollo...

She even died a span of 51 days before her bday. 

Further, she died 2 months 19 days or 80 days before the Moon landing anniversary. 
Olympia Mary Dukakis=80
Olympia Dukakis=219(FB)
She plays the character of ROSE in the film Moonstruck too. 
I feel like I should have seen this movie before but I don't think I have...maybe just looked at the cover before..

She is also the cousin of Michael Dukakis...the guy who lost to George HW Bush in the presidential election...Bush then went on the become president and the Space Race ended in that term. 
Notice she died 186 days before his bday...
Michael Collins just died 186 days before his bday..
His bday is also was the day of the 2020 election...
She also died age 89, which was 179 days after his bday. 
Michael Dukakis=89 and 179(FB)

It honestly makes me think of Olympia, Washington....Mt. St. Helens..Space Needle...Who knows? 

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