Saturday, May 1, 2021

Death of Helen McCrory and the James Bond/Volcano Connection-Medina Spirit wins the Kentucky Derby/Prince Philip


I'm starting to think that this lady's death is why I was supposed to pay attention to 416...

In light of the Batman/James Bond narrative with Michael Collins....recall that Helen McCrory was in the Bond film "Skyfall". 

Notice she died age 52..

James Bond=52

2021 will be the 52nd anniversary of the Moon landing. 

Recall how I connected it to my daughter "Claire" because she recently started liking "Harry Potter"....I pointed out how Claire had the connections to the 129 the volcano number...I know this is important because in the film "Skyfall" Helen McCrory's character is "Clair Dowar MP". 

In relation to the numbers 129 and 221 being important to Volcanoes...

Aurora, Colorado=221


Helen Elizabeth McCrory=106


She died a span of 106 days before my daughter Claire's bday.

Remember the 416 was important to James Bond and me thinking it was M16 and M I 6.... 4 16 

It was also important to me driving my girlfriends brother to work and having synchronicity with the McDonalds receipt on the ground. 


It was the reason I knew to pay attention to the English Extended Cipher and "Moon"=210(Eng Ext)

I have a feeling 9/19 is important again too...only because the Beverly Cleary dying in connection to my Queen Elizabeth video and Baron Munchausen....Baron goes to the Moon and then lands in a Volcano...

Sean Connery died 262 days before the 52nd anniversary of the Moon landing...9/19 is the 262nd day...James Bond/England/Queen Elizabeth..

Sean Connery=1114(Eng Ext) Prince Charles bday 11/14. 

Sean Connery=264(FB)

Queen Elizabeth II=264

King Charles III=264(FB)

Interesting too that I documented about the date 6/9 yesterday...notice 6/9 is 221 days after Sean Connery's also the 160th day..

James Bond=160

6/9 is also 49 days after Queen Elizabeth II's bday....Prince Philip just died on 4/9...I talked about about 49 with his death. 

Queen Elizabeth=69

Elizabeth II=61

It would be 61 days after Philip died on 4/9. 

I honestly didn't even realize the Kentucky Derby was today....but notice the Horse who won...

Medina Spirit=189(FB) and 187 and 65

Prince Philip=189 and 187(FB)

Kentucky Derby=187



John Velazquez=65(Jockey) and 221(FB)

Medina Spirit was foaled 3 years 26 days before this race. 
Kentucky Derby=326(FB)

Bob Baffert=129(FB)

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